Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More House Pictures and a WINNER!!!

Like I said yesterday, I am surprised by how many of you commented that you like to check my blog to see how the house is coming along! Believe it or not we have the Final Inspection scheduled for the end of this week and we'll begin moving this weekend and next. (Holy COW! I still can't believe we're FINALLY there!) The house is dusty, there are a gazillion workers running around doing last minute things, BUT it's beginning to look livable, which is SO STINKIN' EXCITING!!! YAY!!!!!

I took these pictures of the basement last weekend. These are the *FUN* areas of the house. Instead of using the suspended garages for storage, we decided to turn the basement into a family-friendly playground.

If you have ever checked out my House for Sale blog, you probably saw the mural we have painted in our basement. That is one thing I was really going to miss when we moved. My husband promised me we could have the same artist come back and do it again for us in this new house. Well, when we called him, he told us that he now does 3-dimensional murals!!! WooHOOO! We decided to go for it. We had him do the same Snow White inspired mural, but with a 3-D cottage. He made the cutest little door, real working shutters and a real thatched straw roof. (Hey! No huffing and puffing down there!!!) He's still working on painting the forest. It's coming together so cute and the kids just adore playing in there. :D

Across the hall from the cottage, we ended up with a "random" room. No windows, and the far-end of the room does a funky, bump-in. We decided to make it a play room for the kids.

Why the raised wood floor? Well, we decided to turn it into a Stage! :D The closet on the left is for toys/dress-ups/props, etc. On the right hand wall we will mount mirrors for the girls to dance in. Along the back I want to have our mural artist eventually come back and paint something. ??? Not sure what yet. But I have awhile to ponder that one. Maybe just more trees and scenery. Across the top I want to put a scrolly valance and hang velvet curtains behind it that open and close with a pully. It should be fun!
Here is a shot looking back at the door so you can see the track lights with all the colors. :D We put three different rows so the kids can switch the different colors on/off creating different "moods." Should be fun!
Down the hall from the cottage and across from the Family Room is a window that looks down on "Kevin's Room". Remember that big hole we dug at the beginning of all this? Well, this is what it turned into.
I have my Scrap Room, . . . Kevin has this room. With three daughters, I have a feeling that many-a-boyfriend will be hanging out down there with my husband and son in the years to come. LOL!
To the right of the window and at the end of the hall our mural artist is creating a Ticket Booth for us. A Ticket Booth? To What????
(Looking back towards the cottage/family room)
To the Theater. :D :D :D Popcorn, anyone?

So, that's the Basement! Now onto the winner of the BackPorch Memories Stamp Set!


And the winner is . . .

Allette said...
Those are some really cute sets!It's so fun to come to your blog for inspirations!
September 29, 2008 10:37 PM



Please email me at with your address and the set of stamps that you would like. (month/description to verify would be great!) And I will have Paula get those right out to you!

Thanks again, to all of you for reading my little ol' blog! It's so nice to have you visit me on my little corner of the web-world and I hope that we can continue to get to know each other! ((((HUGS!)))) to you all! :D :D :D

Have a great day!



  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Enjoy!`

  2. Oh my, wow. I am truly speechless. So glad for you that you can soon live in this dream house. :)

  3. The basement looks fabulous! Can I come play?? :)

  4. i want to come and eat your popcorn....i am a movie junkie...glad all is coming along and i cannot wait to see the finished house :)

  5. I forgot to add.... "as Mr. Krabs would say". LOL!

  6. Your house is coming along beautifully --- can I move in with you??

  7. OMG, you have a BASKETBALL court in your basement. WOW!! It looks amazing!

  8. Jana!!!!! OMG, you have a basketball court in your house! LOL, love it!!! Please, let me come live with you, I can be your scrapping buddy and part time dishwasher if you want!! :)

  9. wowzers! if that is what the basement looks like I would love to see the rest of the house. Good for you!

  10. I think you need to adopt me Jana - your kids can't possibly enjoy that space as much as me (lol). WOW!!

  11. Jana your place is gorgeous!! I am going to come vacation at your place! LOL!

  12. Oh Jana this is just amazing - congrats on your dream house!

  13. holy smokes! I think /i have seen this house on MTV cribs:) Love it!

  14. i am in awe! your house looks amazing! the murals are so cool looking ... and the stage for the kids is so cute!

  15. YAY!
    I can’t believe I won the set!!!! What a huge blessing!
    (It’s so hard to choose from these great sets, too.)
    I think I will choose August, since that’s my birthday.

    WOW is all I can say about all the special rooms in your house!!! That is so fun to be able to think outside the box an make your home such a fabulous place--your kids will never want to move out (but isn't that the point :P)

    Thank you so much!!!!

  16. i had to show my husband this photo of the bb court. :) so cool! okay, now i'll stop stalking your blog! lol!


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