Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October Work In Progress Layouts

First off, I just want to thank all of you for the sweet comments you've been posting to me. I can't believe all the warm fuzzies you are passing my way on the post below. Awwww shucks!!!! You gals are the best! ;) Just another reason I love the online scrapping community so much! Everyone is so sweet and genuine to each other. It's wonderful to know there are still nice people in this crazy world. :D

Second, I was a little surprised to find out how many of you like seeing pictures of the new house. :D I've been trying to keep this blog mostly about scrapping stuff and not BORE you with all the house things we are working on right now. But now that I know that there is so much interest I will definitely post some more pics of the house. Probably tomorrow, sound good? :D

And while I'm talking about the post below, just a reminder that TODAY is the last day to enter for my little giveaway. :D Leave a comment on the Giveaway Post if you haven't already. :D I'll be back tomorrow to post the winner. YAY!

I have to brag on Maryn a little bit. For awhile now she has been asking us to take the training wheels off of her bike so that she can learn to ride a "two-wheeler." I hesitated a little because we just don't have the extra time right now to run around the neighborhood with our hand on her bikeseat. I apologized to her and told her when we move it would be the first thing we would work on together. She said to me, "Mom, I know how to do it already." No. She hasn't practiced on anyone else's bike. She just has this Kindergarten, Know-It-All attitude that she can do anything the first time. LOL!

Sooooo, on Sunday, we decided to let her have a go at it and Kevin took off the training wheels for her. She was grumpy the first 30 minutes realizing that it wasn't as easy as it looked. She kept getting mad at all of us that we were talking too much and that she couldn't concentrate, yet, she didn't want us to help. We giggled a little to ourselves and left her alone.

Well, wouldn't you know it! Ten minutes later that girl was riding her bike around!!! No help learning, just pure Maryn-determination! :D :D :D I gotta give her some credit for that! Hee hee!


I LOVED working with the Main kit for Work In Progress this month. The kit features the new Jackson Lodge collection by Collage Press . . . one of my very favorite scrappin' manufacturers! You'll be happy to know that Trish restocked this kit and still has a few left. CLICK HERE to get ya one! Here are the layouts I created.

Here, Fishy Fishy!

Bonfire Obsession


What a Hoot!

See you tomorrow! :D


  1. Oh my gosh - your layouts are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. You have pure talent.

    I think I'm going to hop over to the WIP page to check out those kits.

  2. your layouts are just beautiful Jana-I love all your work!!!!!

  3. ok...just love the sewing - i am always drawn to that on a layout - - now to learn how to use my sewing machine... hee hee!!

  4. Yeah for Maryn! I love the look on her face--so determined.

    Your LO's are so amazing. The details totally rock! Thanks for sharing. I have to go check out that kit--love Collage Press!

  5. Jana - those pages rock! I love how you've used that kit - the layering and dimension is just beautiful!!

  6. Oh my, come one, wow!!
    These layouts are amazing, fantastic work, Jana! And thanks so much for the inspiration. :)

  7. these layouts are amazing! i love the owl layout ... such detail!

  8. You are so clever to cut out that owl and tree! I avoid buying pages like that because I couldn't figure out how to use them. Now I will have to back and get some :)


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