Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Tagging!

Julie Baird , co-owner of Sweet Pea Scraps also tagged me. I am supposed to tell you 7 more random facts about myself. Aren't you having fun learning about me?

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1. My favorite book series right now are the Dear Dumb Diary books. Yes, I know they are juvenile, but I LOVE 'EM! :D Last summer we were on an overnighter as a family and I didn't have anything to read while the kids were swimming. I started reading my daughter's Dear Dumb Diary Book (#1) and couldn't stop! These books are hilarious. Seriously! Give one a try. You will laugh your guts out! :D

2. I do not have a college degree. I went to college for a long time, but I just couldn't decide what to be. LOL! I studied Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Elementary Ed., Communications and Graphic Design. Pretty soon, I was married and having kids and I gave up! LOL! After all those classes, I'm sure I have a degree in *something*, I just don't know what it is! LOL! When I go back to school officially, I will get an Interior Design degree. Yep. I'm sure this time! ;)

3. It bugs me that sewing doesn't come easily for me. I'm a crafty person, . . . I can do almost any other kind of craft, . . . My mom and my MIL are both wonderful seamstresses . . . so why do all things textile freak me out????

4. If I could have a second home anywhere, it would be in Midway, Utah. What a gorgeous, charming place! Being in the mountains is my favorite place to be. Sunny, can I come live with you? ;)

5. I could pitter all day. I love taking the long way home. I love going for a drive with no destination in mind, just to see where you'll end up. I love taking back roads to places, just for a different view. I like finding hidden restaurants and stores that are "secret treasures". I don't like things that are mainstream. :D

6. If something has a million little pockets or compartments or drawers and hidden secret places . . . I sooooooo want it. Something about those little nooks of discovery just draw me in. A few weeks ago I saw this chest of drawers that was a bright tangerine color with hot pink, cream and maroon drawers with a million little compartments that opened in all kinds of ways. It was the ugliest thing, but I soooo wanted it just so I could fill it up with "stuff". It was a good thing Kevin was with me to hold me back, because I would've bought it "just because". LOL! I would have no where to put it, but I would have loved it and cared for it just because it had personality. LOL! Infact, just typing about it makes me wish I would have bought it. It was THAT unique and cool! It looked a little something like this (see picture below) but was funkier colors. Wouldn't that be fun to store scrappy stuff in? :D :D :D It was even on sale. :( :( :( (Another weakness of mine!)

7. I am scared of deep water. It used to not phase me, but now I get all creeped out swimming in the ocean or Lake Powell. I think it's beautiful, I just don't like the feeling of not knowing what is beneath me. LOL!


Now it's your turn to tell me some random facts about you. Who else do I know that hasn't been tagged recently? I'm asking these gals to play along if they feel up to it. :D :D :D Anne-Marie Teo , Nicole Stark , Greta Adams , Michele Kovack , Deanna Misner , and Molly Peckham


I'll leave you with the projects I created with the November BackPorch Medley Kit.

{My} Dew! - Camryn has a bit of an obsession with soda. Can you tell? LOL! Yeah. I think we need to keep working on those "sharing with your sister" skills. I used a sketch I made from a layout by A. Peterman as the inspiration for this one.
Together - It was fun to be with my family together again for a vacation (Leslee, we missed you!). Biker Chick - This layout was done using the BPM Newsletter sketch designed by Becky Fleck.

Leftover Containers - I know. These are kind of dorky and I don't even know if I'll end up using them, but I always buy a bunch of Gladware containers for Thanksgiving so that we can swap our leftovers with each other after dinner. I thought it might be fun to decorate them this year . . . you know, sort of a grown-up version of a party favor? LOL!

Kids Thanksgiving Table Placecards/Coloring Books - I LOVED this Martha Stewart idea the second I saw it! Here is a link to the directions and template.



P.S. Elizabeth, I saw your comment and I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about posting some pics of my new scrap room. ;) I took some pictures today. They didn't turn out the greatest (overcast/dreary day), but I will post them in the next day or two. Thanks for the reminder!


  1. I would call you normal! I love that chest of drawers...want one just like it. Your layout with the Paper Crate is just WOW!

  2. i will get to this tag asap...and will you please ugly up a layout for us...ya killin me smiles :)

    love the gald ware idea...

  3. LOL,i just had to do a tag today too . I listed " negative " type things about myself, well not all but some, lol .... LOVE these layouts girlfriend !! Hey show us your new scrappy room all set up , i love all things "home" so i love seeing that kinda stuff . HGTV all the way !!

  4. oooh, be jealous... I get to spend Thanks Giving in Midway at Sunny's house, lol!

  5. As usual I LOVE the pages!!! I like your new sidebar pic of you too :) Thanks for playing along with the tag

  6. Ooo... your sidebar pic IS adorable! Nice...

    And you KNOW I totally *heart* your layouts! :)

  7. girl you can even make plastic containers look fabulous! you make me sick;) thanks for the tag.

  8. Oh I'm going to make those coloring books too!! Very cool!

  9. Awww, Karma! :( I'm totally jealous!!! Have a great time! ;)


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