Monday, November 10, 2008

Harvest the Crop Starts Today!

Hello! Hello!

Just wanted to remind you to come on over and play with us at for our first ever crop!


WooHOOOO! My challenge is up first! I decided to do a Sketch Challenge. Here it is along with a few examples created with the Home Sweet Home kit (just 5 left!!!).

Do you love sketches? Then come on over and play and be eligible to win this FABULOUS PRIZE!!!

And if you think that prize is great! Then wait until you see what's in store for the rest of the week!

Hope to see you there! :D :D :D


  1. Hi Jana I love your sketch. I'm going to play along for sure. I have one question for you about your your pictures. Do you print your photos with a white border or distress them? I love the look of the white edges on all your photos.

    Love these pages too!

  2. Hi Julie! Thank you! for the compliments. :D I sand all the edges of my photos. It seems to work better on the pictures I print at home than the ones I get from the photolab. But I mostly print at home, so it works for me! Thanks for asking! Can't wait to see you at the crop! :D

  3. awesome sketch jana - i love your work so this sketch will be super fun inspiration to create with. going to check out the crop too - sounds super fun & what a fab prize pack - thx for the inspo! :)

  4. Hi I have to be a member to take part in the challenge?

  5. Nope! Anyone can play along, you just have to sign up at the message board (it's free). Infact, Noel's kits are sold kit-by-kit. There are no subscriptions or memberships. The kits are just an additional item she carries in her online scrapbook supply store. Hope to see you there, Lynette!

  6. Great sketch Jana and, like always, your LO is just beautiful. Love the new avatar too :)


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