Thursday, September 18, 2008

Supplies: Noel Mignon Homeroom Kit, Janelle Richmond Sketch This #67, Foam Letter Stickers from Target Dollar Spot.

A couple of weekends ago my daughter had an impromptu sleepover with her cousin. For an activity that night we decided to have a little photo shoot of the two of them together. Later on, I printed off a bunch of pictures for them and let them go to town creating their own pages of their friendship together. They had a BLAST!!!

I LOVE the way these pictures turned out!!! They are a great reminder to me that I need to do "photo shoots" of my loved ones more often. Pictures from events are fun, but something unique happens when you take several shots of a person in a row. The viewer gains a glimpse of that person's personality as they view the subject up close and personal.

For this layout I combined nine of the photos together on one computer generated mat. I did this in Photoshop Elements 5 under the "Create>Photo Layout" option. I have never done this before and basically just followed the prompts as they came up on the screen. I'm pretty certain anyone can figure it out if I did! LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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