Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

I've been packing, and packing, and packing . . . and I'm not even halfway there yet. :( Oh, well! LOL!

All last week the house was buzzing with activity! Paint touch-up, electricians, plumbers, brick-layers, landscapers, etc. YAY! It feels good seeing so much activity happening over there . . . like there is actually a light at the end of this building-a-house-tunnel. :D

The electricians were setting lights on the side of the house and were startled when they came across a tarantula. Yep. Great, huh. :( I hope there aren't any more of those bad-boys sneaking around! I hope that once we get the grass in, the creepy-crawlies will move next door to the reservoir.

Also, last week, we had a fire over at our property. !!!!!!!!! YIKES! is right! Our painters left a box of turpentine-soaked rags NEXT to the dumpster. They *forgot* to soak them in water and they caught on fire at around 10:00 p.m. one night. THANK HEAVENS for a watchful neighbor that called the fire department! The dumpster is pretty far from the house, but it did catch the surrounding field on fire -- about 4' X 30'.

When my husband talked to the painters the next day, all they said was, "Yeah. Those rags can do that." You can bet their boss received an earful from my hubs after that comment. :( He told them from now on they'll have to haul all of their own garbage off the property. The workers said, "But, that might catch my car on fire!" Ya think?! DUH!!!!! Better your run-down van than my brand new house! Grrrrrr!!!!!

Here are a few pictures for you that I took last week. They are kind of random, but oh well! Posts need pictures, right?! :D


Sidewalk with Reworked Rock Wall & Steps

Kitchen Backsplash

Downstairs Bathroom Vanity

Maryn & Camryn giving each other a kiss through their "Hole in the Wall"

We put a little "mailbox" hole in between Maryn and Camryn's rooms. It still needs a cabinet door put on, but they are having fun playing already! :D

Have a great week!



  1. How scary about the fire! I love the mail hole between your girls' rooms. It reminds me of the phone box in the DT towers at the Y :)

  2. Your new home is just beautiful!

  3. Your house is so beautiful Jana! What a sweet idea of putting a mail hole between the girls rooms.

  4. Love the mailbox between the kids bedrooms!! Your house is just beautiful and those painters...much too aloof!!


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