Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Little Munchkin

Our little Munchkin is 2 today! She's my baby, and now that she is 2, I "officially" don't have a baby anymore. :( I knew this time would come, and I'm thankful for it in some ways No more spit-up, no more baby food, I can now give away the high chair and gazillions of baby rattles. When we move, the crib will be given away and she'll be going into a big-girl bed. But it's also a time in my life that I know I will miss. (And it means I'm REALLY getting older, . . . you know, that whole moving onto the next phase of my life thing. LOL!)

She's running around exploring and enjoying the world. She's saying more every single day, she's full of personality and attitude . . . and she's just a joy to our family. I adore this little spunky spirit and I'm so thankful she is in our family. Happy Birthday, Sweet Camryn! :D :D :D

This layout is for this month's Colorstory Challenge. I love this month's crisp, fresh colorboard with the cool colors and splashes of mango. I probably would've never thought to combine these colors on their own, but I love the feel of them.


Virginia said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


Marcee said...

*sigh* I'm so envious of your style and talent:) Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful layout for such a beautiful little girl!

Michelle Lanning said...

Oh happy happy day to her ---!

noelmignon said... sweet! I know how you feel about missing the baby days, but then I snap back to reality when I see parents with babies in restaurants or parties and it feels so good not to have to "hover" any more! :) Happy Birthday!

Trish said...

Love the layout, Jana! She and I share a birthday--so happy birthday to your little muchkin, too!

I have a 2 year old little guy who isn't so little anymore, either. Hope you had a fun filled day together!

fifine51 said...

I love ! Your layout is so beautiful !

Mel said...

Happy Birthday, Camryn! Jana--be careful--my "baby" celebrated his 2nd birthday last July. I had gotten rid of everything except the crib (which he still sleeps in). Just so happens, I'm now 6 months preggo with #5--a complete surprise. Love your layouts--thanks so much for all of your inspiration!

Jess said...

Hi Jana- this page is so adorable. Just wanted to say HI and I look forward to creating with you on the So sketchy blog!! ~Jess

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