Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Crazy Month!

Wow! This month has flown by! With three kids' birthdays (and all the shopping, party planning, etc. that goes along with them), getting ready for Back-to-School, last-minute camping trips and pouring through the plans of the house were building, I've felt like I've barely had a chance to breathe! Although it was nutty, it was sure a lot of fun, too. And now . . . I have tons of pictures to scrap! Yay! Here are a few layouts I did for Carolee's Creations of the kids going back to school.

Right now, Maryn is at her first day of Preschool. She was so funny! She fought with me all morning because she wanted to wear a swimsuit cover-up, candy necklace, blue sunglasses and her pink cowboy boots as her outfit. She thought she looked quite fancy in that get-up. Unfortunately, Mom didn't agree, and so she was mad at me for making her change into something else. Being the scrappy-mommy that I am, I took some great pictures and now can document this defiant day! Hee hee hee! Here's the before and after. Can't wait to scrap this page!

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