Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NEW Blog!

It's a New Year and I have decided to MOVE MY BLOG to a new location. Blogger made some changes a few months ago, and I just haven't been excited about them. (Every time I upload my pictures, they all overlap each other and I have to go in and adjust the html coding before and after each photo. Yep. Sort of getting tired of that. LOL!)

From now on you can find me at http://www.janaeubank.com/

I hope you will follow me over, or come by for a visit from time to time!
I will definitely keep this blog up for anyone who would like to still browse through it. And I will continue to update my sketch blog as I create more sketches.

Thanks for reading!
See you soon!



  1. good to know and glad you are keeping this one because it is a huge inspiration.

  2. I cannot figure out ho to follow your wordpress blog lol

    I love your sketches and pages! Very inspriring!!

  3. Jana, I'm also having trouble getting your RSS feed for your new blog. Do you have a direct link?


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