Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures and Sketches

Yesterday Kevin had to work, so my kids and I spent the day with my parents taking flowers to our ancestors gravesites. We drove up to my favorite city in Utah, Heber City. There we had a leisurely lunch at the Spin Cafe. Afterwards we took a drive around the Heber Valley to Midway and then back to the Heber City Cemetery where my mom's uncle and other relatives are buried. Here are a few pictures.

The kids LOVE to water all the flowers. We couldn't find the kids watering cans (I think daddy made them all "disappear" in our move), so we improvised and used water bottles. Maryn's smiling kind of goofy in this picture, I guess she was too busy watering to give me a real smile. LOL!

Here Camryn is pointing where the flowers should go. LOL! She had so much fun running around and sniffing all the flowers. She accidentally tumbled into a mum and broke several of the flowers. She felt so bad and just sat there sobbing, "I bwoke the flowas! I bwoke the flowas!" Even an hour later in the car, she said to me, "Mom, I sorry I bwoke the flowas." :)
Jensyn and my mom.

Then it was back to Bountiful where we visited Kevin's Grandpa and Grandma's gravesite. It was almost sunset, thus the squinty-eyed poses! :)

Yesterday, I mentioned that we worked on some "buried treasure" in our yard over the weekend. Here's the story behind that:

While building we had to figure out where the back of our lot was, so as we were walking the property line in the back corner we explored that clump of trees.

Underneath all the trees was an old swingset. Apparently the previous neighbors behind us put a swingset there several years ago. Trees had broken and fallen on top of it and so you couldn't even tell it was there. Kevin got it in his head to take it down and see if it was salvageable. Here is the spot where it was.

You can get an idea of how covered it was by looking in the center of the picture where the trees are. See those faint black lines . . . that is an old satellite dish . . . you know the HUMONGOUS ones! Crazy, huh?!!! I was standing right next to that dish and couldn't tell it was there until Kevin pointed it out to me. LOL!

So here's the set! All cleaned up, repainted with new swings! The kids are LOVING it! I was worried it wouldn't clean up well, and I was worried that the metal slide was too "old school" but when we went to pick up the swings they were selling that EXACT same set for $1800! I'm glad I didn't make Kevin throw it out! :)


Here are the two sketches I promised you! These are challenges that I currently have listed for the month at Scrapperie. If you play along, you should come and link us up in the message board, so we can all see what you created!

My samples are created with the April Winging It kit found HERE in the Scrapperie store.

Hope you like 'em! :D

Talk to you again soon!



  1. Wow, talk about a treasure! :) Looks like it will be lots of fun for your kiddos! I have only discovered recently that you made sketches and I am loving everyone of them... of course they are even more attractive when you show us such wonderful examples to go with them! :D

  2. WOW great swing set!! Great find!!would you have ever paid 1800.00 for it!! I love those Lo'S too!!! have a great week :-)

  3. WOW... I am wishing I could find some $1800 treasure in my backyard right about now, that is awesome!

    I will be doing your sketches sometime this week. they are great!

  4. Wow--what a find! That is so cool that Kevin fixed it up for the kids to use.

    Lovin' your sketches, too. Thanks for all of your inspiration. :)


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