Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is Tuesday

I know. Lame title. But I couldn't think of a good one, so I thought I'd go generic. LOL!

Over the weekend, Kevin put me to work creating a blog for his family. And as you can see, I got in the "mode" and decided to switch my blog up a little. I love decorating my house for the holidays . . . so why not decorate my blog for the holidays, too! :D

This time around I cheated and found a premade blogheader and sidebar buttons on a digital scrapbooking site. All I had to do was add a picture and some text to them in Photoshop. It was really easy and fun! I think I will be taking advantage of them again! LOVED how easy-peasy it was!

I'm sure there are several sites with these, but here are the two I found in case you could use them, too!

Blog Wear by The Shabby Shoppe
Blog in a Box by Sweet Shoppe Designs

If you know of any others, I would LOVE it if you would share a link with me! ;)

I am NOT very good at the HTML thing in blogger, but have managed to figure it out with this great site. SJH Blog Design

Finally, I have a recent layout to share with you made using the Love Song kit by Noel Mignon. This one is already sold out, but she is getting ready to put up the next one sometime soon.

I'll post it here the day it goes up, but they do sell out FAST!!! If you'd like a heads up on the release date, shoot Noel an email and ask her to sign you up for the Newsletter (info{at}noelmignon{dot}com) or come join us on the Message Board. It's a fun place and she's always giving everyone a heads-up on the kits. :D :D :D



  1. http://shabbymissjenndesigns.com/ is a site I use. I so love this adorable page!!!

  2. love the new blog look. Very cute layout. She is adorable as Dorothy!

  3. Awesome header Jana!!! Love the lo with Noel's kit, you totally rock her kits!!

  4. Oohh... love your new blog look, Jana. Very nice! :)

    And that layout is tooo cute.. she really looks like Dorothy. And of course the kit is awesome too. :)

  5. Ack, you made me buy one, you enabler! LOL! Now to find time to put my blog together...lol.

    Loving your layout, as usual! :D

  6. Love your new look! Your daughter is adorable as is the lo! I like the very creative title too!

  7. I saw this layout when you posted it on the NoelMignon blog...it is gorgeous...also popping into the Message board to see when the next one is released!

  8. love the new "look" around here! :)

  9. Totally love the Shabby Shoppe! Your new blog header looks fab. I soooo have to figure out how to change my heading on the sidebar though...they look fab.

  10. Love the new look!

    Lovely layout too!

  11. Love that page! Absolutely gorgeous!! And I love the new look of your blog! FUN!


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