Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Catchup

I've been a really bad blogger this week. :( What have I been up to? . . . I've been scrubbing my house top-to-bottom to get ready for hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week AND I've been scrapping! Of course! :D

And just look at the two cuties that have been keeping me company under my desk! :D :D :D

I've been playing with the new Winter Weather Kit by Noel Mignon . (It's already sold out so I am sooooo sorry if you didn't get one! :( It's fantabulous!!! And totally packed with all kinds of winter goodies! )

Noel Mignon Winter Weather Kit

Here are three layouts I've completed so far.

Merry and Bright




My sweet friend, Tina Zarlenga , a fellow designer with me at Work In Progress Kits , sent me this little gem this week! THANK YOU so much, Tina!!! Tina is constantly leaving me sweet comments about my work and brightening my day.

I know I just tagged about every single person I know last week (LOL!) so this time around I will share with you a couple of blogs I've come across this past few weeks that I am in LOVE with.
Little Birdie Secrets
Lucykate Crafts

Talk to you again, soon!


  1. OMgosh, your girls are just too cute hanging out under your desk! How precious!!!

    Love that kit and your los are beautiful!!! I love to analyze your work, I am always blown away by the little details.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations!

  2. You amaze scrap your house and manage to scrap...Wow! Beautiful layouts as usual Jana.

  3. you have a beautiful scrap room, and your work is very creative. love all the little details.
    have a happy thanksgiving!

  4. TOo cute with the kids under the desk!

    And the layouts are YUMMY! Wish I could have gotten my hands on that kit!

  5. i love that they are hanging out under your desk....
    and i love what you did with the kit...i have one more i did this weekend to upload tonight...

    i know i will chat with you before thanksgiving but *if* i don't HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!


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