Monday, November 17, 2008


The kids and I had soooo much fun at Disney on Ice. We went with my SIL and her two little girls. Owen ended up coming along. At first he wasn't too excited, thinking it would be all princesses and fluff. But there were a lot of "boy" stories mixed throughout and he was thrilled he came. :D Of course, I forgot my camera. :( I'm always running late getting out the door after getting all four kids ready to go, and spaced snagging my camera. I really ought to keep a point and shoot in my purse for times like this. @@

The new challenge is up at Noel Mignon and it's a doosy! It's a Scraplift Challenge! And who are we scraplifting? None other that the enormously-talented Anne-Marie Teo! YES!!!!!! I was so excited for this one because she is one of my favorite artists around! Every single thing she does is full of wonderful layering and all kinds of yummy details! I could study a piece of her for hours. She is so incredibly talented!!!

So here is my attempt at scraplifting Anne-Marie using the Noel Mignon Picnic Basket Kit

Happy Monday to you!



  1. Gorgeous! Great job on the lift! I love her work too!

  2. This layout is an absolute gem! Gorgeous lift.

  3. Thank you sooo much for your sweet, sweet words, Jana. You know I adore your work too! :) That layout is just fabulous!! :)

  4. GORGEOUS!!!! Sorry I forgot you tagged me! I am such a scatter brain sometimes! I will try and play this week! Thanks for thinking of me!

  5. Wonderful lift! Love all the layers and the bright colors on the light background.

  6. u nailed it girl..but i knew you would...gorgeous...
    i keep a point and shoot with me at all times...but alas the night of the mini kiss i had taken it out to rearrange my purse and forgot to throw it back in....grrrrrrrr!

  7. Jana I have always loved your work and this is no exception! I left something for you on my blog also


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