Friday, October 3, 2008

October BackPorch Memories Sneak

WE PASSED FINAL INSPECTION!!! WooHOOOOO!!!! It's such a relief to know that we've made it to the end of this huge project WooHOOOOOO! . . . And Yes, we still love each other! LOL!

Nope, we can't move in this weekend like we had planned. The carpet in the basement won't be finished until Saturday, and the cleaning is still in process. That's okay, though. I'm STILL not finished packing (will I ever be?) and it gives us time to get things like phone lines set up, mail delivery transferred, . . . blah, blah, blah. Also we can start moving all the little stuff we don't want the movers to take . . . like lamps, pictures, and fragile items. It's all good! So if you don't see me around much over the next week and a half you'll know what I'm up to, kay? :D

Before I go, I'll leave you with a Sneak Peek layout of mine using the October BackPorch Medley kit. I LOOOOOOOVED this kit! Seriously! Every bit and piece of it had me giddy! Maybe it has to do with all the yummy Fall-ness in there, and the fact that Fall is my very favorite season, just maybe. :D Too bad I don't have very many Autumn-y photos. Hmmmm.

Here are the kit pictures and then my layout. If any of these have you drooling, CLICK HERE TO HOOK YOURSELF UP WITH ONE. ;)

October Medley Kit - $24

October Solo Kit - $24

Holiday Planner Project Kit by Alissa Trowbridge - $22

October Add-On Stamps - $13.95

Two Year Old Drama

See ya later!


  1. good luck with the move - how exciting! and i adore that lo - especially what you did with the red flower! the blue brads, and the paisley leaf! i may have to lift this:)

  2. I love this page!! How funny that you caught the "drama" on film - love it! p.s. do they ever grow out of that??

  3. OMG I just love every layout you do! Remember those "twos" also :)

  4. ok the 2 year old drama one is a fav - I love it!!

  5. I can't wait to see the pics of your new home filled with furniture! I hope you have a smooth, hassle free moving day.

    Your kit layout is just gorgeous! Love the idea with the brad cluster - I'm soooo lifting that idea!

  6. LOVE this LO!-of course:)
    Wishing a smooth move-love your new house!!


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