Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daily Struggle & September Work In Progress

I don't know what it is about turning 2 for Camryn, but all of a sudden she is VERY concerned about what she wears everyday. LOL! It doesn't matter if I bathe her at night or in the morning . . . the minute I start trying to put an outfit on her that SHE didn't pick out, she starts pulling everything off and her face looks like this.

It used to be that she wanted to wear things that were pink . . . or any kind of dress . . . which is fine, until all those things are dirty and in the laundry. I thought she'd be pretty happy with this outfit because it was a dress with pink leggings underneath. NO WAY! She wanted to wear her green church dress!!! :D
I have figured out that if I get her in front of a mirror and start doing her hair and letting her brush her teeth . . .
She has time to study herself and decide that she doesn't look half bad. I think the pigtails won her over on this particular day. :D
So there you have it . . . a little piece of my morning. :D Now back to your regularly scheduled scrapbooking-program. ;)

If you scored yourself a Work In Progress September kit, you are in for a treat! Just check out all that Scenic Route Sonoma goodness . . . yeah, baby!

Apple Cheekz
This is mostly the Main Kit with a few things thrown in from the Add-On kit (background paper, clips, cut out leaves/trees). The buttons are from my stash. Can you tell I ran out of the letter "s" . . . that's why I improvised with the letter "z" in the title. One great thing about the Loopy Lou letters in the main kit . . . when you want to use lots of "e"s in your titles you can make more by cutting down the "w"s and "k"s. (just a little added tip I thought I would pass on!)

The Best Is Yet to Be

Yep! That is Kevin and I almost twelve years ago on our wedding day. :D "Grow Old Along with Me" sung by Mary Chapin-Carpenter was one of the songs on our wedding video, so I thought some of the words from that song would make an appropriate title. We were married in January, thus the snow on the columns behind us. :D The great thing about that morning was that a storm rolled through in the morning and left a brand new dusting of snowon everything. Clean and crisp! And then the sun came out and sparkled it all up . . . it was perfect and beautiful! :D
The clock, more cut out leaves/trees and the butterflies are all from the Add-On kit. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I added a bit of yellow stickles to accent the flowers.

Bushels of Fun

This one is all from the Main kit. I added some buttons and Sassafras Lass letter stickers from my stash.
More apple-y titles you can use with the apple lace paper include "An Apple a Day", "The Apple of My Eye", "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree", "School Days", "As American As Apple Pie", "The Pick of the Crop", or "Seeds of Knowledge". Just thought I would brainstorm outloud a little for ya! ;)

Deep Soul

I love the way a little bit of stitching adds such depth and a little bit of "homespun"-ness to a layout. Don't you love matting photos on the Scrap Strip paper? It makes it look like you spent a gazillion years layering everything. :D (I added the brown brads and embroidery floss from my stash.)

On A Whim

I have already posted this, but I thought I would post it again. I added some machine stitching "trails" under the butterflies and under the photo. I just kept staring at it and thinking it needed something else . . . and the stitching was that "something else". It feels more complete to me now. :D Don't you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Apple Blossom Label stamp? I see an obsession coming on! :D :D :D The buttons and lined paper are from my stash.

Jana's Book Bookmark

I've been reading a lot this summer. You know, I just had to see what the Twilight-hype was all about! (I'm happy to report I just finished the final book on our trip to St. George! Gotta love 8 hours in the car! LOL!) But I kept using random crummy pieces of paper as my bookmark. I figured as a scrapbooker I deserved to make myself something cuter, right?!!!
My cute gal, Jamie, wanted me to post additional info/pics about this little bookmark. So here are a few closeups and details. The base of the bookmark is 2.5" X 8". I layered two papers together so that it had a more substantial feel to it and so that both sides were "pretty". :D
At the bottom of the bookmark I tore a piece of paper about 3.25". I added some words from the Sonoma stickers and then stiched around the edges of the bookmark. I then wrapped some Martha Stewart String around the bookmark just to accent the torn edge.

After spelling out my "title" I folded one of the small journaling spots over the top and stitched it in place. I added a green button from my stash using more Martha Stewart green and white string. I tied the loops of the bow in a knot so that they wouldn't come loose. I also tied little knots in the loose ends of the string to keep it from fraying.

Jamie, I hope that is what you were looking for! ;) Thanks for showing an interest in my little project! I can't wait to see yours!!! :D :D :D

Alright, gals! Enough of the bloggin' bit! I'm off to get some scrapping in tonight before I get too tired.

See you soon! XOXOXOXOX



  1. Your work is WOW!!!! You inspire me to scrap!

  2. All the work is beautiful and i especially love the wedding one! Beautiful!

    Your little one is so hillarious. I love how you got all the action in your photos...lol!

  3. i like your scrapbooking style! are those homemade flowers?

  4. What a stunning production!!! Love all of the los. One in particuliar looks like a lo that I finished this weekend and just posted on my blog, it's too funny how the design is similar. I'm trying to rack my brain to see if your lo inspired mine but I don't think that I've seen it until today. It's too funny!

    Danika is like your Camryn, she is very picky about her clothes and only wants to wear dresses!!!

  5. Oh I know all about those crazy meltdowns! They never make much sense to us do they?! lol
    All the new work is just fabulous... those are some of my favorite colors to work with too!!

  6. AHahahahaha!!! Those pictures are SO funny!!! TFS!


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