Saturday, August 16, 2008

I can feel Fall coming!!! YAY!

It was in the 80's today. So nice! At night, when we cruise around in the car with the window down, instead of a hot, breeze we are starting to get a breeze with a bit of a nip to it! LOVE it! YAAAAAYYYYY! :D :D :D It gets me all excited for my absolute favorite season . . . AUTUMN! (What's your favorite season?)

I spent the afternoon making some simple cards with the leftovers of the fabulous August BackPorch Medley kit. I need to do this more often! It was fun! I love using up scraps! :D :D :D

Birthday Wishes (ribbon, flowers, and buttons from my stash)

Love You

Thank You (ribbon from my stash)

Thank You for Everything (ribbon & button from my stash)

Thank You (that cute flower stamp is part of the August Add-On stamps)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. OH i never make a secret about my favorite season being Fall, its well known about me ! LOL .... Hands down no contest !!

    Love the cards ,they are awesome . I havent checked out BPM since my sub ended in the spring, i always did like thier kits, though i just signed up for 2 subs so i shouldnt even look ! I did sub to Work in Progress though, ive been eyeing them for a while ! Love it !

    Ok, must go clean up scrap stuff ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


    I'll try to drop ya a line this week :)

  2. I love the Autumn too Jana! I am on the other side of the world to you though so we are just starting to see some Spring.

    Love the cards. It always feels good to use the scraps from your kit so you can be ready to start fresh next month!

  3. Another lover of fall here! The cooling weather is getting me so excited.
    Beautiful cards Jana:)

  4. love love love everything you showed here!

  5. Like you Jana, Fall is my favorite season. Cooler days, pumkin patch, leaves changing colors, I just love it and those make great layouts too! LOL!!!

    Love your cards! Making cards is such a great way to use up left over kits!!! :)

    Take care!

  6. oh, I love Fall! I am looking forward to the season! Love the cards Jana! I need to do that more often too!

  7. Love your cards, love fall! Looking forward to my favorite colors of the year during the fall season!

  8. I am usually very sad when Fall comes...because it is the end of Summer(my favourite time of year)...and the cold is just around the corner....brrr.....

  9. I love your cards Jana, what a great way to use up those little tickets. I should get that kit just so I can lift you :)

  10. love all the cards!! I am a Fall girl myself - I just love the weather and the colors! :)


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