Friday, August 22, 2008

Epistle of a Catch-Up Post

ETA: I know I promised some layouts tonight, but in all honesty, I am so darned pooped. I think I'm going to hit the hay and upload them on Sunday. Thanks for your understanding! Jana

Hi. I'm so sorry. I haven't been around this week and this is why. My kids will start a new school next Monday AND three of their birthdays are next week. YIKES! Party-planning-central going on right now! Along with all the craziness at the new house, we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Please forgive me?

Realtor brought a client through our home = spending the day cleaning and then vacating our house

Another realtor scheduled to come through the house with a client = vacating house to KEEP it clean from the day before
Realtor cancelled last second - GRRRRRR! - BUT, rescheduled for Wednesday, YAY!!!!
Spent the morning at the new house with landscapers/concrete guys deciding the back patios of the house, approving tile plans, and closet organizer installation begins
Discuss what overgrowth needs to be ripped out in the backyard to get ready for landscapers next week
Write/Mail out invitations to family birthday party this Saturday

Patios poured

Decide/Discuss/Implement changes to the rockwork in the front of the house to facilitate better flow to the front door from the street

Hanging lights at the new house deciding heights, etc.
Save the "Charlie Brown" tree (the one in the middle of the picture) from my husband wanting to rip it out of the backyard along with the thorn bushes and yucky bushes

Back-To-School party for Jensyn given by gals in our new neighborhood (So sweet!!!) She was too embarrassed to let me take any pictures of her.

Clean house again for the rescheduled realtor
Vacate the house with the kids
Discuss placement of driveway layout with landscapers/concrete guys

Write and deliver birthday invitations for son's birthday party Saturday
Start writing Maryn's birthday invites to be delivered tomorrow
Jensyn goes on lunch/pedicure date with her cousin, Samantha

Shop for party favors for four parties (Family and Owen's party Saturday, Maryn and Jensyn's parties next week)
Find amount of marble for one bathroom was miscalculated, There won't be more in for another month, Had to go choose another marble
Deliver Maryn's party invitations
Deliver Thank You's to various neighbors and friends for all the sweet parties they've thrown for us lately
Took the kids to Back-To-School night by myself (Kevin had a speaking-engagement) to introduce the kids to their new teachers and familiarize them with their new school (NERVES are HIGH!) They didn't let me embarrass them with photos again, darnit! Don't they know I'm a scrapbooker! LOL!
Stay up until 1:00 a.m. putting together goodie bags (I have movie theaters, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz and Zoo animals on the brain all at the same time! LOL!)

Rock fireplace in basement just finishing up . . . now they can move to the main floor (YAY!)

Decorating kitchen for Owen's party
Discussing entrywalks with concrete guys
More light placement

Who knows what else!!! :D

Did I mention that on top of all this I have no food in my house so we are eating out every meal. I bet you want to come live with me, huh?

Tomorrow is Owen's party at Noon. We are making lunch and then taking him and 13 friends to see Star Wars: Clone Wars. YEP. I'm crazy. Call it, "feeling-guilty-we're-moving-and-want-the-kids-to-have-one-last-chance-to-party-with-their-friends" week.

From 6 to 9 is party with my family. And then Sunday is Owen's actual birthday. I haven't even had time to shop for his presents! Maybe tonight while he's sleeping I'll head over to WalMart.

Monday my kids start at their new school. Maryn's birthday is on Thursday, along with a Swimming party with her friends. We leave out of town Friday. Saturday is Jensyn's birthday and then we drive home from our vacation Sunday to be at my niece's birthday party Sunday night. I think we'll plan Jensyn's friend party for the next Saturday, but I haven't figured that out yet. LOL!

Can you tell I'm feeling a little crazed right now. I think I need a nap.
So sorry to dump all of this stuff out there. I just wanted y'all to know what I'm up to. That way if you don't hear from me again until mid-September you'll know why. :D :D :D

I do have some layouts to post. I'll try and make it back tonight to get those up.
Keep your fingers crossed I can make it through these next few weeks!



  1. Jana I need to go take a nap just reading what you've been up to!!!
    If anyone can survive though I know you can, hang in there:)

  2. and you make it all look so easy! You are an amazing mom, Jana! I'm exhausted just reading about your week :)

  3. Are you wearing your Wonder Woman cape this week?? I need a bath and a tylenol PM just reading this!! LOL!

    I bow down....Your goodie bags are *AMAZING!*

  4. OMG!!! i am tired just reading this post. i don't know how you do it, you're my idol! Super MoM!!!

  5. girl take your time - as long as we see party pictures that is - hehe!

  6. Ok girl, im tired just reading ALL that !! LOL .... I wondered where you were but now i dont !! Love how the house is coming along, i so cant wait to see all the completed photos , that will be neat !! Well have fun with all the cuties birthdays, im sure we will be seeing lots of photos and future layouts the following week from all that !! And those goodie bags all rock !! You are one cool mama :) Hang in there , youre amazing !!
    PS ~ i feel your pain, im sooooo way behind on our chat mail !! LOL ..... my little guy has his last surgery on Friday, so things will settle after that :)

  7. Wow your a busy girl! I love your house!! O and the goody bags were to cute!!

  8. Hectic life...where do you get time to scrap???!!!


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