Friday, April 4, 2008

It's been a great week!

I didn't get a lot of scrapping in this week, but it's been a fun scrappy week for me all the same. Monday I got this in the mail. Yep! My new Canon Rebel XTi. WOOHOOOOO! This baby is the Big Time! You can FEEL it just by how much it weighs! ;) I feel like a Big Kid now. LOL! (Thanks Kevin for letting me splurge for this baby!)

I also picked up a few lenses with my order and I have to say that this one is my FAVORITE! It's only $90 and you can buy it at this link.'m too lazy tonight to link the words all fancy! LOL!) I was enabled to buy it by reading a post on Willow Traders about it. It's not a general use lens, but if you love those close-up portrait photos of people with the blurry backgrounds, this is the lens you should try! ;)

Here IS a shot I took of Owen playing on the computer using this lens. Cool, eh?! Can't wait to learn more about what I can do with this camera! So fun!

Well, if you're going to get a new camera, . . . you need a new camera bag to carry your new toy in, right?! This is the one I wanted, but I wasn't willing to fork out the money for it. :) It's soooo cute, though. If you want to see where you can buy this $170 camera bag, click on this link.

This is the camera bag I ended up getting! And I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. I wasn't able to find a lot of reviews of it online, so it was a little bit of a leap of faith for me.

I mean, it's cute and all in the photo, but I wasn't sure how it would be on the inside. This thing is made sooooooo well! The material has a great substantial feel to it, and the inside is filled with lots of padded, moveable "walls" that attach with velcro, so you can configure it any way you want. It's a really great bag! I picked up the black one from the All My Memories site.

But you can get the brown one for cheaper and see detailed pictures of it at the Walmart site.

Okay, so that's a great way to begin the week, right? :) Well . . . then on Tuesday, I found out that I made the Gettin' Sketchy team. WOOHOOOO! I am really lovin' sketches lately! This site has a different sketch each month. Sometimes you can win a kit, and other times you play just for fun. Come on by and check it out sometime!

Last fall I won an April GDT spot at I Am A Scrapaholic. Soooo, guess what popped up on my doorstep this week? This totally cute Celebration Themed Kit from I Am A Scrapaholic! WOOHOO! I'm excited to get a chance to play with it this weekend.
This month I Am A Scrapaholic is celebrating their 2nd Birthday andare having all kinds of great games, challenges and PRIZES!!! Want to win a 3-month subscription? Well, . . . what you waitin' for? Come on over and PLAY! Earn points all month for a chance at the GRAND PRIZE. Read more about it on their message board under the "Discussion" tab on the home page.

I gotta get my booty scrapping this weekend! Kevin and I are leaving on a cruise for his work next weekend, and I have so many DT assignments to get done before I go!
Alright, I'm feeling a little long-winded tonight. I'll give you a break for now. But I have some more great things to pass along to you in my next post. So be sure to check back!
Until then! XOXOXOXOX


  1. Congrats Jana! Greaat purchase. I just bought myself a Rebel last week too! Mine came with a bag so I didn't get a choice, its not as cute as yours and it has Canon plastered across the front - my hubby said "Gee look, it says STEAL ME" right across it - LOL. If you didn't buy any filters, I recommend getting a UV filter if only to protect your lense. Its worth the money and cheaper to replace if it gets scratched then buying a new lense would be.

    I'm excited that your our GD at IAAS this month. I know you're going to do fabulous work with the kit :)

  2. Wow Jana, you did have a great week ! Hey im gonna email you too, but where did you get your rebel and how much was it ? I know they have come down a bit in price so i may now be able to get one, woohoo ! i really need a good camera, mine just isnt cutting the mustard ! And yes, i love that lens you got !
    Im totally gonna check out your gettin sketchy site , i have just recently only discovered the joy of sketches !
    Im so glad we are on CA together now, just like the SD days !
    Ok, im loving those pink paislee stamps from noel, i have an issue and drop over 100 bucks every time i shop there, im due for another binge soon ! UGH !
    Ok, have a great scrappy weekend, wow another cruise ! you lucky girl !
    Cant wait to see all your DT stuff come flowing out !
    TTYS !
    JENN :)

  3. YAY! Congrats on your new purchase! You will LOVE having it!!!

  4. WOW!!! love all the new goodies (especially the camera!!) Very cool too about the lens! Have fun with your new toy and congrats on the Getting' Sketchy team! :)

  5. Your new camera rocks!!! I can't wait to see all the great shot's your gona get!!

    :) Yay!!! you cruisin' fool!

    Oh and I can't wait to check out the new sketch site...I just love sketches!

  6. First you, then Kim, then Jenn!! I think Morgan is next in line for this camera. Take more pictures so I can drool!


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