Saturday, April 5, 2008

Couldn't wait to share!

Alright stampers and hoarders . . . I couldn't wait to share this, so I'm back again LOL!

Guess what just got in? Pink Paislee stamps. I KNOW! Run, don't walk! :)

Here's a direct link to the Pink Paislee section,

but be sure to check out her new arrivals, too! ;)


  1. yep, already checked'em out. I believe some will be coming to me soon! :) :D

  2. Come and get em'!!! I have a few left, but I think they're gonna fly!

  3. You're SO bad Jana... I placed an order yesterday. And I thought I was done shopping... sheesh

  4. Congrats on the DT at Getting Sketchy.

  5. Yep, liking these, especially the upper right corner one!


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