Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catch Up Post

The house is coming along SO GREAT! I thought I would share a few photos with you, just 'cause I'm so dang excited at seeing it all start to come together!

These pictures were taken last Friday while they were sheetrocking. It's a little messy, but you get the idea.

This is a photo looking up towards the 2nd floor from our entry way. The door to my Scrap Room is on the left. LOVE how much sunlight streams into that room! It will be so great for scrapping!

This picture looks from the Great Room into the Kitchen and Nook. Love the size of this area! I think it will be great for entertaining.
This is on the 2nd story looking towards my Scrap Room door.
Okay! This is my Scrap Room! Since I shared computer-generated photos of it with you awhile back, I thought you might like to see it starting to take shape in real life! WOOHOO! This photo was taken standing in the Stamp Area looking back towards the desk and bonus room areas.
And here is a view of it looking back the opposite way . . . from the Bonus Room area looking back towards the sink area. :) :) :) It makes me so happy to see my space coming together! Is it totally bad that this is the room I'm the most excited about?! LOL!
And then one more thing . . . here is a couple of photos of our front door being constructed in the woodshop. We totally copied a door off another home, but I LOVE IT! It should be installed this Friday.

Alright, . . . Thanks for letting me share! I just thought you might like to see what is occupying so much of my time lately. :)
Awhile back my sweet friend and fellow DT member at BackPorch Memories, Tami Floyd Tami Floyd, tagged me. Be sure and check out her blog. I LOVE her style! Every page she does is just bursting with great design! I could honestly scraplift every single thing she does. LOVE HER WORK! ;)
So here are 7 More Random Things about me.
1) You know those little foil lids on yogurt, honey mustard sauce, etc. I have a weird habit of having to lick those lids before throwing them away. *blush, blush*
2) I have a total weakness for cakes and cupcakes. I think it's the frosting factor. Yep! I'm the one that begs for the piece of cake with the huge flower on it. YUM! :)
3) I have bad feet. I'm only 32 years old and I have to wear old lady shoes (I usually go with Crocs or Tennies with my arch supports inside) because both of my feet have terrible heel spurs. I'm almost to the point of wanting to have surgery on both of them because they keep bothering me so bad. So if you see me limping around, that's why. I'm falling apart. :(
4) I can't stand shopping for clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love cute clothes, but I am so about jeans and layered t-shirts with a cute cut. If I find some I like, I buy them in every color instead of trying on different things.
5) I think I'm addicted to the internet. I shamelessly hit 15+ sites every day. It's a part of my
morning routine.
6) I'm terrible about washing my face and taking out my contacts before I go to bed. Maybe if I wouldn't stay up so late scrapping, I would be awake enough to care more about it instead of just melting into bed each night.
7) I enjoy smelling my clear acrylic stamps. :)
So there you have it! I think that was more like 7 confessions instead of 7 facts. LOL! Also, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to skip tagging people again. I'm just too lazy and crazy busy to do it. Sorry. :(
Now to leave you with a little scrappiness. This is one more layout using the gorgeous Noel Mignon Apple Blossom Kit. And guess what . . . she only has 4 more left! Run! Don't walk! You NEED this kit! ;) Have a great night!


  1. Lookin good Jana -- I can't wait to see the end result -- i am guessing it is not far from where you live?

  2. Jana, your house is coming along beautifully! I love love love your scraproom! It is awesome and I think it is rockin' cute that you are so giddy about it. If it were me, I would be talking about it non-stop.

    Love your page too ;)


  3. wow...the house is going to be beautiful!! The front door alone is beautiful...:)

    I love your latest LO!! You inspire me daily!

  4. Your house is looking lovely! You are a lucky girl with that scrap space...I'm on my way over...LOL! Darling lo too...

  5. OMG, can I come and live with you?? I can't cook, but I can wash the dishes. And I'm good at doing laundry too! ;)

  6. Wow, that's going to be absolutely gorgeous. I hope it comes with a housekeeper because that's alot of cleaning! :)

  7. WOW! What a beautiful home! Building a house is such a project.
    Love the colors and design of your layout!!

  8. OMG! Beautiful house! Awesome layouts!

  9. Um, where do I start. The bunny bread=adorable. Since it's made from a frozed loaf I might actually try it! Your house=incredible!!! I love all the architectural detail and your front door is gorgeous! I'm weird about doors, I "tested" every door in every house we looked at to make sure they were heavy, kwim? There's just something about a good door. I know, I'm weird. Admitting it is half the battle...

  10. Lookin' good!
    Love the page!

  11. WOW!! Your house -- just wow!! I'm a great housecleaner if you want to take me in...LOL

    Thanks so much for that SWEET comment! You're so inspiring -- I just have to stand back to take your amazing creations in!!

  12. Oh wow, the house looks amazing!! And so does your layout.
    Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  13. Ok girl ! The past 2 weeks are kinda a blurr, i missed so much on your blog ! Love that bunny bread ! So cute, holidays sound like so much fun in your house ! I love the layouts , i just got my apple blossom kit too , cant wait to dig in, i havent even gotten to scrap much lately ! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE , awesome ! The arcitechtural touches are awesome, i LOVE rounded doorways, and that door is gorgeous ..... One of these days ..... lol ..... We will catch up ! Im ready to lose weight too , started being good so lets chat ! Have a WONDERFUL Easter . Talk to you soon !
    I agree, your work is so inspiring . I always try to soak it all in , lol ....
    JEnn :)


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