Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bright Blue Paint

Spring is officially here today! YAY! Here are my four cuties (and our pup) out enjoying the sunshine.
Jensyn is such a great big sister to patiently pull her little sisters around in the wagon for as long as they wanted.
Mom said, "No, there isn't enough wind today to fly a kite." But Owen was determined.
He pulled and tugged, dragged, . . . and concentrated REAL HARD! :)
He even got his little sisters to help toss it in the air. (Gotta love the underwear shot! LOL!)
And guess what?! He proved mom WRONG! He was able to catch a little wind current blowing in between our house and our neighbors and got that kite to go UP! WOOHOO!
This was Camryn's first official day out in the warm weather. She's usually fast asleep for her afternoon nap and misses out on all the fun. NOT TODAY! See that smile on her face!

She wasn't going to slow down for any pictures for me either!



I used the Noel Mignon Apple Blossom Kit on this layout about my most embarrassing moment. I added the star punchouts, letter stickers, and buttons from my stash. What?! You want to know what my most embarrassing moment is? You can't tell by my pictures? LOL! Here is what the journaling says:

My most embarrassing moment to date has to do with this bright blue paint I bought to create a road on the wall of Owen's room. I had the paint in my car when I ran Jensyn to the Goodell's for a playdate with Monica. We were new to the neighborhood and excited we were getting to know this cute family. When we arrived I told Jensyn to hop over the paint can and exit the car on my side so I could help her with the door on their hilly driveway. I will never forget the complete shock and embarrassment I felt when the can fell out of the car and bright blue paint started running down their new driveway. I tried to block the paint with my hands and yelled to Stan to come help me. Luckily, he was outside washing windows and had his garden hose handy. I just bawled and stuttered apologies the entire time he helped me clean it up. I thought I had ruined their home. Stan was so nice to me about it. Fortunately the paint cleaned up after scrubbing at it for 30 minutes or so. It felt like an eternity to me. To this day the Goodells are great friends of ours and I'm thankful they were able to get past my ditziness!


  1. What fun photos Jana! Looks like the kids had a great day! (We have that same wagon!) :)

  2. OH-MY-GOD !!!! Did you tell that story before, i kinda remember it , but it is just as hysterical ! Awesome layout, i cant even tell you how much you inspire me ! I always thought i was good at layering papers, but never as good at layering embellies like you do ! You just have a knack for that ! And what gorgeous photos of the kiddies ! They are beautiful , that little Camryn , i always think she is so cute you just want to pinch her cheeks ! SOOOO Windy here today , enjoy your beautiful weather ! have a great easter, we will chat real soon !
    JEnn :)

  3. Hehe... I love that story! The layout came out great and how cute is Owen's wall! The kiddo's look like they had a great time outside, what a gorgeous day!

  4. Love your layout and that story is hilarious! I won't be scrapping my most embarrassing are one strong chick to put that out there! :) Have a wonderful Easter my friend!

  5. Take a peek at My Inner Martha... YOU MAKE MY DAY!

  6. Jana i am in tears cause that is something that would soooo happen to me....

    love all your photos...beautiful weather...high here is 75 today...woo hooo!!!!

    happy spring and love your layout....gorgoeus ....can't wait to get my kit

  7. Happy Easter Jana!

    Sweet photos of your kidlets! Love the Blue Paint layout and story! I would have done the same thing!

  8. okay that LO is FABULOUS!! I SERIOUSLY think you need to go for SOY or HOF or something. Jana, you just ROCK! and the kiddos obviously think so too! Aren't they just adorable enjoying the great weather! love reading all your little stories! :D

  9. great photos!! Loe the LO....& I remember that real cracks me up!!

  10. Lovely photos, looks like you had a fantastic time!
    And the layout is amazing, wow, those bright colors are perfect!

  11. Love the pictures of the kiddos! They look so cute!

    As far as the blue paint story, well that is just hilarious! :-) I'm glad you were able to clean it up though...I would have been embarrassed too.


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