Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crop Addict March Kit Projects

We had two realtors bring clients through our house today. The first one brought a client back for the third time. They gave us an offer while we were in Anguilla, but it was soooo far below our asking price it was almost an insult. I think it's a positive sign that they are back again . . . so we'll see if they give us another offer. ???

I know I've said that we could sell our house the day before we move to our new one, but I'm kind of to the point now that I just want it DONE. Sold. I don't want to have to think about that part anymore. Don't want to have to clean my house every two seconds. KWIM? We're entering the busy time of year for buying/selling a house, so keep your fingers crossed for us! :)

Okay, enough random rambling from Jana! :)


The March Kit Gallery is up at Crop Addict, and that means I get to share with you the projects I did! Here they are!

I don't know why, but I really struggle with the Whiteout paper from We R Memory Keepers. It's not that it's hard paper to work with, I think it just intimidates me because it is so beautiful! I wasn't too thrilled with the way this layout turned out, so I tried my luck with the cards instead. LOL!

I loved all the ribbon in this month's kit and didn't want to file it away, just to forget about it. I decided to use the last of my scraps combined with the ribbon to make a few simple Thank You cards. I like the funky color combinations it yielded. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks so much for all of your kind words in the comments section. I really LOVE when you take a minute to post a little thought. It's like getting happy mail everyday! xoxoxox Thanks! ;)


  1. Girl, you seriously amaze and inspire me. I love (and look forward to!) seeing what you do with the Crop Addict kits every month. Love all your dimension and details. I think the Wyoming layout is my fave... oh, and I totally understand what you mean about the White Out line- it's so beautiful! You did an awesome job with it all. :)

  2. I agree ! I love blog lovin' , lol .... These are rockin' as usual girl ! I love the first one especially ! Your layouts always go to the next level ! I hope the offers pan out for ya , i know how frustrating that is , we sold a house a few years ago and i dont think anything was more stressful than that whole ordeal ! Talk to you soon !

  3. Wow, this is seriously amazing, look at these beautiful creations! Love especially the Wyoming layout with the tree, this is so fantastic!!

  4. I love coming here and seeing all the beautiful eye candy you have on your blog!!!

  5. i can't imagine you struggling with anything....

    i love all your layouts and cards!!

    your rock girl

  6. oh yeah and good luck with the selling...fingers crossed for ya

  7. love all the new creations! :) Good luck with the house too! It must be so tiring to have to be 'ready' to show it at a moments notice!

  8. I'll say an extra little prayer for you to sell, I know you just want it to be done and not have to worry about it, especially with the market as it is.

    Beautiful projects as always! :)

  9. You ROCKED the promenade line, seriously... I uploaded first so my layouts wouldn't be next to yours!!! Hehe, you're serioulsy awesome!

  10. Beautifuk work Jana! I LOVE seeing your work!!!

  11. I have those papers and i haven't pulled them out yet! Now I might have to! Good stuff Jana!

  12. Adorable layouts, and the cards are really inspiring me today! You do amazing work girl!

  13. Beautiful work Jana!! Those Crop Addict kits looks like so much fun!On the house, try to do a counter offer and up it by 1/2? LOL. I would. People who makes offer are nuts. But they want the best deal they can get. But think they know it won't be accept since that would be the cheapest price they would ask for, kwim?


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