Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crop Addict February Kit

Debbie was so nice to upload the gallery early over at Crop Addict so that I could post my projects before leaving out of town. She's so flippin' sweet! And that means I get to share them with you on my blog before I go, too! YAY! :)

I honestly wish I had more time to play with this kit this month. It is packed full of delicious Fancy Pants and Cloud 9 papers that interchange with each other beautifully! Another great thing about the upcoming kit is that it would work for both feminine or masculine pages. Be sure and check it out!

Alright! I'm off to beautiful Anguilla tomorrow! It's 10:40 p.m. and I still need to go pack my bags. Atleast ALL the laundry in my house is DONE and it should make it a breeze to just throw in the things I want to take.

I don't think she reads my blog, but I have to thank my girlfriend, Charity, for INSISTING on taking my kids for me after school today so that I could run some errands. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have been able to run and grab a stack of scrapbook and interior design magazines to read on the plane and go to TJ Maxx to try on some swimsuits. It was dumb luck that they received just a few in today! Not that I love trying on swimsuits. I mean come on! It's always an in-your-face reminder of how out of shape and pasty white I am (hmmmm. Maybe I need to apply some self-tanner before I go! LOL!) BUT we've been so busy tying up loose ends with our home construction before we leave, that every time I thought of going to look for a suit it was after school and there was no way I was going to take four kids with me in a dressing room! :) THANKS, CHARITY!!!!

I'll try and check in with ya over the next 10 days, but I have NO IDEA what our internet will be like. So . . . ??? I'll miss you! I LOVE my internet and all my cyber friends! :) Mmmmmmwah!



  1. love what you did with the kit Jana! :) The easter egg hunt lo is adorable!!! love the ribbon for grass! :)

  2. Amazing amazing amazing!!! These are the best colors! I can't wait to see the kit!

  3. Beautiful projects Jana! Be safe, and have a great trip!

  4. omg, jana! your designs are fabulous! I esp love the year in review and the owl card! super creative!


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