Thursday, December 20, 2007

January Sweet Pea Scraps Projects

Christmas is coming fast whether I want it to or not! It's always at this point that I'm pretty sure I'm ready for it, but then at the same time I'm a little panicky that I am forgetting something. Every year I vow that I'm going to have everything done before Thanksgiving, but . . . that year is yet to happen. There's always 2008, right? :)

We've been so busy with building decisions, that we literally didn't start shopping for Christmas until a week ago. Amazingly, my get-it-done husband ran his little legs off and it's ALL done. One more present left that I'm picking up tonight, and then that's it! Yay! I'm ready to just relax and enjoy the parties and festivities. I must admit I've been slow to get in the Christmas spirit. So I'm ready to do that, too! I think part of it was fighting with the lights on my Christmas tree for almost 6 days. But I've conquered them and I can stop cussing in my mind at that darn tree. LOL! It's much easier to be Christmas-sy with glittering lights surrounding you, don'tcha think? :)

My kids received letters from Santa in the mail this week. Owen was so funny! He had that twinkle in his eye and ran around the house yelling "It's Santa! It's Santa!" just like Buddy in the movie Elf when he finds out Santa is coming to the department store. Owen, you're so funny, Bud! I love you to pieces!
Jensyn "knows" about Santa, but still very much believes in magic. She asked me, "Was this you, Mom?" I could honestly say that "No, Jensyn, it wasn't me." Can you tell she was a little skeptical. She looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm watching you!" LOL!
Along with the letter the kids received an official embossed gold seal that they were on the "Nice List." They LOVED that. Maryn proudly held it up for a picture. A few minutes later, she came to me privately very concerned that she really didn't deserve to be on the nice list and that there had been a mistake. If you know Maryn, you know that she is quite spicey and there is a legitimate backing to her worry. :) I assured her that Santa had been noticing the way she helps take care of her little sister and that she needed to be extra good until the big day. ;) Maryn, I love you! You'll be just fine.
Sooooo . . . Have you seen the Sneak Peek of the January Sweet Pea Scraps kit? You gotta go take a look! (Click on the link at right.) It's full of so many fun, playful & colorful goodies you're gonna want to get your hands on one!

Here are the projects I've created with the kit so far.

Yep! My parents really are the BEST EVAH! And I loved doing a layout about it! :)
Kevin brought Camryn this little Hello, Kitty rabbit (sorry fans, don't know her name) from a business trip. Cam's been hauling it around the house ever since.
I LOVE these pictures of Maryn playing in the snow. Doesn't it take you right back to being a kid?!
Finally, the perfect kit to scrap Maryns' Hello Kitty Birthday Party pictures. I added the alpha and the pink flowers to complete the cartoon "lawn" look.

I hope to check in again before Christmas. But, . . . just in case the next few days are a little crazy . . . I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
xoxox, Jana


  1. Your tree and fireplace are GORGEOUS!!! The kiddos are super cute too, and the layouts rock as always. Have a very Merry Christmas if I don't "see" you before!

  2. What a beautiful tree - your home looks so comfortable and warm. I'm sure you're getting sick of my telling you how fabulous you are, but...

  3. ooooooooooooo love your blog jana!! very cool pix - your tree is beautiful. love the lo's. wow.

  4. Just adorable Jana - love your tree and lol on making the nice lest - I say take it and run....

  5. And i hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO !!!!!! Your tree is BEAUTIFUL Jana , and your fireplace equally as beautiful . Someone has caught an awesome case of the doodles too ! Lovin' the new layouts ! You are just as talented as ever ! And hey, you use one of my words ! EVAH !!!! LOL ............ I will be sure to touch base VERY SOON , have a wonderful time with your family girlfriend :)

  6. Wow Jana! Your tree is gorgeous! SO SO pretty--it could be in a magazine! Love that your kids got letters from Santa and you didn't have anything do with it. :) ;) And to top it all off, your pages are WAY cool! There's definitely some ideas I'll have to lift from those. Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow your tree & house look fabulous!!
    Those layouts are also faboulous....You RoCK!!!!!

    Hugs & Happy Holidays to you & yours!

  8. Oh & I forgot...I was laughing at the mistake on the nice dd Rachel is one of those as well...hee hee.

  9. oooooh my goodness, the layouts are soooooooo good!!! I love the last one with the Rhonna Farrah papers and the butterly!! LOVE the doodling on the lace papers! Your kids are adorable!

  10. your tree (and from what I can see of your house) look amazing! WOW! Great LO's too!

  11. holy moly! your tree is GORGEOUS! I totally love the nice list and the gold seals too! I hope once dh and I have a family that I can be half as good of a mother as you! :)

  12. oops - forgot to mention that the hello kitty rabbit is named My Melody (I think!)

  13. Beautiful layouts Jana! Merry Christmas!

  14. OMG! These are gorgeous!! Love your layouts~!

  15. Wow--these pages are so fun!! LOVE your Christmas tree too! So cute about the letters from Santa.


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