Saturday, December 1, 2007

I LOVE my Camryn and December Sugardumplin

These aren't the greatest pics, but I had to share them and the story behind them because despite a sad start to our day, my little Camryn is such a trooper!

We woke up to 3 inches of snow on the ground and it was still coming down hard. Naturally the kids woke up before Kevin and I did and had turned on the fireplace to snuggle by and get warm. Kevin and I had NO CLUE that it was on because it's now hidden by the wide bottom of our 10-foot Christmas tree. Well, we went about our morning as usual, bringing 1-year-old Cam down and putting her in her high chair for some breakfast. When everyone was finished we got Camryn out of the high chair and went about the daily business of cleaning up and getting everyone ready.

Next thing we know Camryn starts crying her little eyes out! She had gone up to the fireplace, saw the flame, . . . wanted to check it out and had touched the HOT glass (gas enclosed fireplace) with both of her hands. We immediately put her hands in cool water and did what we could to calm her down. After 20 minutes or so, she wouldn't calm down and big blisters were popping up on the palms of her hands and fingertips. Kevin jumped in the car and took her to InstaCare.

I stayed home with the other kids and tried to calm my oldest daughter down. Jensyn (9) was the one who had turned the fireplace on and was blaming herself for this accident. :( I tried to assure her that it was nobody's fault, just an unfortunate accident, but I know my little tenderheart, Jensyn, will blame herself for this no matter what I tell her. My heart was hurting for both of them.

Fortunately, Camryn will be okay. The burns aren't too severe. She'll just have to have some topical medicine and gauze on them until they heal.

Camryn came home with 2 bright pink mittens and didn't even seem bothered by them for the rest of the day. What a little sweetie she is! I couldn't get very good pictures of her because it was a gray day with the snowstorm and she just wouldn't hold still! Later tonight she held very still to get her wraps changed. And then wanted a cuddle for awhile. But all-in-all she is in great spirit considering what happened. I hope she stays this optimistic about those mitts during the next few weeks. Poor little thing! Gosh! I love that kid! Anyway, just had to share.

For the December Sugardumplin Kit I worked with the Seasonal kit featuring Cosmo Cricket to create the projects below. I hope you'll go take a look at this paper in person. It is GORGEOUS! And photos of it just can't do it justice. I believe the Seasonal kit is already sold out at Sugardumplin, but Clara also has another gorgeous December kit featuring some amazing Daisy D's. So check it out if you get a chance.

Until next time, be safe and be merry!

My nephew's first Christmas.

Maryn in her Halloween costume (Lucy from Narnia). I found this quote several years ago and have been waiting for a princess-y page to use it on. It says: "A young girl may dream of becoming a princess, but in the eyes of her parents, she already is."


  1. aww, poor baby! I hope her little hands heal fast!! Beautiful work Jana!

  2. OMGosh jana!!!
    Your poor baby! We had similar inccident years ago I totally understand and empathis what you are going through.
    Beyond gorgeous work with the SD kit. I am so lifting those snowman's cheeks! That is the sweetest!

  3. Poor baby! I am glad she is in good spirits -- hug to her!!! AND I love your layouts - always so inspiring!!

  4. Oh Jana, I hope Camryn is OK! We had the first fire in our fireplace last night, I'm SO nervous about Ari going near it. LOVE the layouts and cards, you're gonna get me in trouble making me want to buy another kit... ;)

  5. Poor Camryn!! I hope she heals quickly!!
    And OMG, I looove that Nickelcreek song that is playing.. my hubby and I used to listen to it all the time when we first got together! Such memories!!
    And your DT kit work is amazing!!

  6. awww...poor baby.
    Gorgeous work with the SD kit.

  7. poor thing! i'm glad everything is OK - what a scare! Beautiful job with the Dec SD kit! i especially love all the cards! :)

  8. Oh my goodness, your poor little girl(s)! Looks like Em and Camryn match now... sorry that your Christmas season started out this way. What a little trooper, though!

    LOVE your creations, as usual! :) That little snowman is TOO cute.

  9. Poor baby! I hope she's feeling better. And gorgeous work as always!

  10. Adorable as always. Love your work Jana!

  11. oh poor baby!! i hope she gets well soon!

    congrats on ur DT work! i love 'em :)


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