Friday, November 2, 2007

Found My Camera!

Yep! I found my camera. It was in the backseat of my car. Go figure!

I just wanted to share some photos of my cute family from this past week. Here we are visiting the coolest pumpkin patch ever! It is located in Syracuse, Utah. It had so many fun things to do . . . we spent 3 hours there! First, we looked at the farm animals. The kids had a lot of fun feeding the goats corn. Camryn just giggled and giggled her little head off at them.

Next the kids tried their hand at the water pump race game. Inside these little "troughs" were rubber ducks. You had to pump the water to make them go down the slide. It was fun racing to see who could pump the water the fastest!

Camryn and Maryn's favorite part were the big haybale slides/playgrounds they had set up. There were about 4 different ones in all sizes to fit each age group. Camryn could have done that all day, and Maryn kept sneaking back to the big 2 story slide!
While waiting for the 4-wheeler train the kids played in a sandbox full of corn kernels. When they got a turn on the "train" they stayed on for more than 5 rides through the cornfields in their pig and cow carts. Cute! I want one for our backyard someday!
All the boys tried their hand at the corn shooting. That's my dad shooting in the foreground. Kevin and Owen are on the next gun. And that's my cute brother, Chase in the background. Brandt is around there somewhere. Owen actually ended up having the closest shot to the target! Yeah, Owen!

We explored a few corn mazes and then waited for a tractor ride to take us out to the pumpkin fields. I loved that! I have never been in a real pumpkin patch before. We got to cut our pumpkins right off the vine! I love the shot of my parents with their pumpkins and the vine draped over my mom's shoulders! She's so funny!

Here are my four cuties in their Narnia Halloween costumes. I wish I had gotten better shots, but we're always in a hurry to get them in the car to go visit grandparents! LOL! I didn't even get the four of them together. Oh, well! Maybe I can bum a picture off of my dad. LOL!

Jensyn was an icy, White Witch. Owen loved his sword and shield as Peter. Maryn especially loved her Lucy cape. Camryn didn't trip on her Azlan tail once. She sure did hate getting her nose painted, though. Hope you all had a great Halloween!


  1. so cute!! Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. That pumpkin patch looks like a blast! Kids look so cute in their costumes!

  3. I love reading your blog, you always have something fun going on. The costumes? Oh mylanta! Gorgeous.

  4. they are adorable - great pics!

  5. Oh my gosh, those costumes are TOO cute! They look so authentic! Aren't pumpkin patches great, we took Ari to one this year and I always remember going when I was little. Glad you found the camera, your photos are great!

  6. what adorable pictures from the pumpkin patch and halloween! love those costumes - really gorgeous!

  7. What awesome pictures Jana! Love all the costumes!!!

  8. Oh My Gosh Jana, what ADORABLE photos , and the is TOTALLY the best pumkin patch ever , i have never seen one like that before ! Another great thing about Utah :( You must scrap these awesome photos now ! Maybe at the SD Crop !


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