Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm joining the blogging world!

I've been dragging my feet on this for a long time, not sure it would be for me. But, here I am ready to give it a whirl!

My husband thinks I'm a little silly, wondering why I would want the world to have access to my personal thoughts and more. But, I feel like it will be a good thing to get my creative juices flowing and have a place to record my daily thoughts and ponderings.

So, . . . for today . . . I'll explain to you why I chose the name "From My Feathered Nest" as the name of my blog. Doesn't it sound a little country-romantic? Hee hee! Love that!

I was driving through Salt Lake City a couple of years back and passed a little home decor shop called the Feathered Nest. I loved it! I've thought about it since and that is what I want my home to feel like. A place where mom has put thought into the details of things, made it beautiful, and made it a warm, welcoming place. I love interior design. Can't say I'm that great at it, but I love the thought of taking the time to make your home a place where your family feels good. Surroundings, feelings, love and all!

I'm also an addicted scrapbooker, my subjects being, of course, my sweet little family! I want my children to have a record of our memories together. I want them to open our family scrapbooks and laugh and say, "Remember that!" I want them to know I felt our time together was important to me, and that I took the time to reminisce and record my thoughts about them as they grew.

My main subjects are my kids. I have four of them and they are the coolest people I know, along with my husband of course. I love their unique personalities and I love watching them take in the world and try to navigate through it. You'll see a lot of them through my work.

Lately I am trying to make the transition into doing more pages about myself. It's mostly a mental transition, I have yet to make a page about myself. But, . . . I have a few ideas jotted down that I just need to find some pictures for. I realized as I've enjoyed other people's work, that I need to include my own thoughts and feelings so my children and posterity will know a little something about the crazy lady behind all these scrapbooks.

So, stay tuned, I guess. And you can see how I do on this transition.

Until next time!

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