Thursday, February 4, 2010


A big THANK YOU to Someday Crafts Blog for featuring my Light Switch Frame yesterday. :)


And another big THANK YOU to One of a Kind Gifts Blog for featuring my Chocolate Survival kit!!!

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These both happened yesterday and it was just such a fun surprise! Problem is . . . now I have two more blogs to read through . . . WOW!!! sooooo many cool ideas!!! I love blogs like that!

Also, my friend, Aphra Bolyer , posted a lift of my Chocolate Kit on her site and it is ADORABLE!!!! Go check it out to see another version! Great job, Aphra! You are my scrapping-idol! ;)


On another note, I wanted to remind everyone that the Noel Mignon Facebook challenge ends tomorrow. CLICK THIS POST for details if you want to play for a chance to win ILLUSTRATOR CS4. Last I heard I am tied with Michelle Lanning so let's get our group ahead! Hehehehe!!! (And just so you know, I don't receive anything for this . . . Noel just decided to format the contest this way. :) )

So, Gooooooo TEAM JANA!!!! :D :D :D REMEMBER to write on the wall that I sent you, as well as going to the tab at the top called "Boxes" and voting for my name. Okay?!!! :D :D :D Eeeeek!!!! :D :D :D Good luck, friends!


  1. the lightswitch project is the heck did i miss that...and i am in the process of making 3 choco kits..will post when i am finished....i just need to add the finishing touches and VOILA!! loved that idea....

  2. HOW fun! You are so very inventive...I can totally see why they featured you. Big congrats, hon!

  3. How fun!!!!!

    By the way, I'm at a girls scrapbook weekend, totally on the hunt for 3 floss boxes to make those survival kits for my kiddos!

    Love it girly!!

  4. Great projects! I just became a fan on Facebook....can't believe I didn't become a fan sooner because I absolutely love the kits!

  5. Thanks for the link back to my blog! You are too talented! I wish you could share some of it with me!!!

  6. Congrats Jana! Both projects are absolutely LOVELY! I'm soo lifting the chocolate kit!

  7. Thanks for the link back to our blog! We appreciate all of the hard work that you do!


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