Friday, January 22, 2010

All About Me Fridays: My Home

This week for the Noel Mignon All About Me Friday Blogging challenge we are assigned to describe our homes. What is our home's color scheme/style & where did we get our inspiration for our homes.

Both my husband and I love the Fall. It is our favorite season. We love the colors of it, the feel of it, the warmth and coziness about it . . . and we wanted to bring that feeling into our home.

One day while shopping I looked at a bag of dried beans for 12 bean soup and thought to myself . . . "This is it! This is Fall! These are the colors I want to spread throughout our home!"

So that's it . . . the inspiration for our home began with our favorite season and a bag of beans. LOL!

Our style is very traditional, but with a bit of old world and coziness thrown in. We wanted our home to have a feeling of timelessness, but a place where people feel like they can stay and chat awhile. I love chenille fabrics, landscape artwork, natural materials and warm colors -- creams, dark browns, reds, golds, and greens. There's still a LOT to be done in this home. We've been here just over a year . . . so there's still lots of accessorizing and window treatments to do. :)

Living Room Couch

Family Room

Leather couches are a must with kids. And I love furniture with interesting curves and details.

Our kitchen chairs are cushioned and cozy so we can sit around and chat with friends and be comfortable. :)

Light cabinets in the kitchen help the dark floors from feeling too heavy and overwhelming.

I also love handmade furniture pieces. I'll show you two of my favorites. This piece in our hallway.

And this kitchen piece we adapted to be a TV cabinet in our bedroom. I LOVE how tall it is!

Red used to be my very favorite color, but has recently taken second place to dusty teal blue. I snuck in some blue in our bedroom . . .

And my scraproom is painted blue with cream cabinets.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of my home. :) I'd love to see yours! Come join in on our blogging challenges in the Noel Mignon Forum and link us up to your posts!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. You have an absolutely beautiful home. It's so warm and cozy that I'd definetly never leave!

  2. Holy Cow Jana!!! Your house is gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Wow!! Beautiful home!! Your house could be published in Better Homes and Gardens. I LOVE your colour palette. Fall colours are my favourite too. :)

  4. Wow! Beautiful home! I LOVE your kitchen! Fall is my favorite season too! :)

  5. Simply beautiful and Elegant Jana, I love it, our homes have a very similiar color scheme although your style is more refined. Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Your home is gorgeous! Thank you for giving us a peek inside your beautiful abode.

  7. You have a gorgeous home, Jana. You must have a scrapbooking room tucked away in there somewhere! You have wonderful taste...and those are my favorite colors too. Calm, clean and cozy...wonderful!

  8. Your home is beautiful, warm and inviting.

  9. Jana, your home is beautiful. Love your style. You've captured the feeling I've been trying express with my home, but can't quite seem to get there.

    Oh, and your scrap room - excuse me a minute while I wipe the drool from my keyboard - it's gorgeous. It makes me want to rip everything out of mine and start over. Very nice!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Your house is amazing! Makes me want to redecorate mine!! I love that armoire in your bedroom that your TV is it an antique?

  11. Your home is lovely - is it really that clutter-free all the time?

  12. What a beautiful warm home and how funny that the color scheme is centered around a bag of beans! LOL! One never knows where inspiration will strike! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow your home is gorgeous, so warm and inviting! Your scraproom looks perfect!

  14. you house is beautiful~! i wish i had such a nice house to share. i would love wood floors like yours and a beautiful scrap room and matching livingroom furniture...heehee

  15. Your house looks so warm and inviting! And your scrap space, wonderful. No wonder you make such great layouts, you have a great place to create!!!

  16. Jana:
    I'm so jealous. What a lovely home. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Great minds think alike!! I love those colors as well as fall being my favorite season. You have such a beautiful home!! Just love it!!

  18. Jana,

    I have a very similar house plan and wall color. I love what you've done with the color palette. I'm wonder where you purchased your entertainment center or if it is custom built.



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