Monday, June 15, 2009

New Noel Mignon Kits!!! Ready to Ship!

Guess what went up for sale this morning?!!! :D :D :D The two brand new kits by Noel Mignon! You can check out Five Foot Two and Eyes of Blue by clicking on these links.

Here are some pics for you!

Five Foot Two - $39.99

Eyes of Blue - $21.99

And here are few layouts that I've made with the Five Foot Two kit. :D

Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh gosh...I must stop blog that I can stop buying:)

  2. beautiful layouts! I'm still needing to scrapbook Easter...hmmm...might be a good excuse to get me one of these kits! :)

  3. Gorgeous new pages Jana!! love them both TONS! ooo I want that kit..


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