Monday, April 6, 2009

Been Scrappin' All Weekend!

I've been scrapping all weekend with the delicious BackPorch Memories April Kits! Unfortunately, this month is my turn to do the 2-page Sketches for the Member Layouts, so I can't show you the completed pages. BUT! I can show you some detail shots. :) LOL!

So for what it's worth, here are the April BackPorch Kits and the detail shots of the six 2-page layouts I created with them! ;)

APRIL SOLO featuring We R Memory Keepers Tiffany Line - $24

APRIL MEDLEY featuring Jenni Bowlin, Pink Paislee and Bo Bunny - $24

April Stamps - $13.95

There are also a few of my Mini Book kits left! :)

And my detail shots!

Okay, that's kind of unfair, so here is a card I made this weekend for the Urban Anthology Contest. It was kind of stormy out when I took this picture, so I apologize for the poor lighting.

And if you are a card-making fool, come join us over at Scrapperie! All month long we are having a Snail Mail Soiree! What's a Snail Mail Soiree?! Well, we are posting card challenges and games all month . . . yes! There will be prizes. Come over and check it out!


See ya soon! ;)


  1. holy bananas, you've been busy!
    what beautiful sneak peeks:)
    i got to scrap friday night and some tonight:)
    been having fun with mls assignments.
    have a wonderful week!

  2. I can tell from the sneak peeks that these pages will be lovely. And your card is too cute!

  3. you are on FIRE!! lovin' the sneaks!

  4. Looks like a great kit from BPM, can't wait to see some 2-page layouts from fun! Also, that is a great card! I always seem to struggle w/ cards b/c they aren't really my favorite thing to make.

  5. WOW!!! Your sneaks look AWESOME! and I thought you said you weren't much of a card maker, are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock and I can't wait to see the full reveal! ;)

  6. Tasty little sneaks there! I signed up for Back Porch autoship and I told Paula to just send me what kit she sends you! =)

    Looking forward to seeing them in real life!

  7. WOW !! Youve been a busy girl!! Beautiful!! All of it....even the teases!!! I love their stamps!!

  8. You always have such beautiful pages....can't wait to see the whole thing! Love your card too!!! GORGEOUS!

  9. jana - this peek is such a tease! these bpm april kits look so delish (gonna have to go & order me ome super soon) i can only imagine what your layouts look like up close & personal. and omg this card is so totally amazing - lovin it. thx so much for the awesome inspo & have a great day! :) hugs, m-

  10. I love the Tiffany amaze me with all your detailed cut out embellishments...gorgeousness!

  11. I'm dying to see all these 2-pagers! I just love to scrap that way, but I run out of new ideas. The sneaks are amazing.

  12. OOOh MY!! You'll have to send me photos of those two-pagers!! I'd love to see the AMAZING work you did with my sketches. You so rock!! ;^)

  13. Any chance of me laying eyes on your sketches for the Tiffany line? Pretty please:)

  14. Any chance of seeing your sketches for the Tiffany line? Pretty please:)

  15. Lynette, you are so sweet to ask! :) Actually, I didn't create the sketches, I just made samples of them. The sketches were made by Tami Floyd from the BPM team. She creates them every month as an exclusive perk for the subscribers. :) So, unfortunately, I have to keep my pages private. :( But, you can visit Tami's blog and get some great inspiration, . . . I just ADORE her style. You can find her at:


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