Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrapperie April Kit: Winging It

Do you have a favorite seasonal candy this time of year? These things are a major downfall for me. *blush, blush* I can't even buy them because they just call my name over and over until they are gone! LOL!

I realized that I hadn't posted the pictures of the April Scrapperie kit yet. The Trimmings Kit has already sold out and there are fewer than 5 left of the rest of them. Here are pictures of the April Kits: Winging It! if you are interested at all! Love all the birdies in this one! :D

The Essentials - $30

The Extras - $20

The Piece de Resistance - $57.50

See you again soon!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Hi Jana! Yea...the Cadbury eggs get me too. Once the bag is opened it is OVER! I don't stop until I eat every last one. Glad they are only around once a year! lol!

This is my first time visiting, but I have LOVED trolling around and drooling over your projects. You do amazing work! I will be back to check in again soon!

Jocelyn said...

The kit is awesome!!! I have to giggle because I love these little Cadbury Eggs!!!! Evan doesn't really care for them, so I make sure the Easter Bunny stashes a few bags away for me!!!! Just what I need, chocolate. I have decided that I want to lose some weight, but giving up chocolate is going to be so hard!!! Have a great weekend!

Tatiana Ceschin said...

Hummmm, I love chocolate!!!!!!!!!
Your blog is fabulous!!!

Scrapper Mom said...

Yes! I love those things! I bought some over the weekend to take w/ me to CKC as my crop food! Yummy and perfect snack.

Kristine said...

oh I am such a big Easter Egg lover! And Sorry, I dont share LOL!!! Thanks for visiting my blog Jana, and I've come visit yours!

Lynette said...

We have something called speckled has a hard candy outer layer with a layer of chocolate and a jelly centre. Yum!

mel said...

I am not sure if your Cadbury choc is the same as the Aussie one - It always tastes different in other countries - I love cadbruy mini eggs, creme eggs are noice too - Love your blog sweetie and your work - just divine!

Kaitlyn said...

Hi Jana, I found your blog through 2Peas after looking through your gallery. Your pages are amazing, and I have been so inspired by your work! I love your SB room and I am not at all jealous! :)

P.S. I love Cadbury Eggs too, so I try to stay far, far away from the Easter section.

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

okay - i must agree that those cadbury egges are my biggest downfall at easter too - yummy! i also love the robbin eggs!! :D

these kits are awesome - thx for sharing! hope you have a wonderful day jana! hugs :D m-

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