Friday, January 2, 2009

Little Sampling of My Day.

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I rang in 2009 by banging pots and pans on the front porch with Owen and Jensyn. Awww, yeah! Fun little memory. :D

Afterwords I couldn't get to sleep. So I ended up channel-surfing and came across the show "Amazing Wedding Cakes" on the WE channel. Okay! Can you say "new favorite". LOVE that show! The most stressful part is seeing them deliver their masterpieces in the back of vans. YIKES! I'm just waiting for one to get ruined!

Here's a slideshow of the cakes I found on their website. Doesn't it make you want to scrap?! LOL!

Amazing Wedding Cakes Slideshow


The morning of January 1st I hopped online and scored me one of these babies! (Image from Becky Higgins blog) It took me a little while, but I conquered! Hehehe! My hubby just rolled his eyes at me that I was willing to dedicate my morning to scoring this thing. Kevin said, "Men, would never put up with this!" LOL! I know. He's right. Us scrapper-gals are a silly bunch! ;)

Yep! I'm joining the flock. Baaaa! Baaaaa! LOL! But I'm confident I can keep up on it with the help of a few of my scrappy friends. (Michelle and Virginia! You better keep on me about this thing!)

Check out the Project 365 dedicated blog!


Today was a little interesting. Here are a few pics to prove it. :D

This morning I asked the kids to each put away their stacks of laundry. Now Maryn really hasn't done anything beyond putting her jammies and underwear away in a drawer, but I thought I would let her have a shot at hanging things on the lower rod in her closet this time.

Guess what I found? LOL!

Here is Maryn, all proud of what she's been working on.

Here's the closet with the things she hung up so far. Pretty good, right? Look closer. Do you see the tights and underwear?

LOL! Love that kid!


We were getting ready for dinner tonight and realized we hadn't seen Cam for awhile.

This is how we found her. She'd been playing in Jensyn's room with a hair-color-streaking kit Jensyn had received for Christmas. LOL!

Thank heavens it didn't get anywhere else! I soaked her in the bath and she still has a cloud of pink on her face! LOL! I'm just hoping it wears off in time for church on Sunday. :D


And then Owen ends my day with some Elementary Humor.

"Mom, spell 'I cup.'"

Yeah. Owen. Soooooo clever. Where'd you learn that one?


Okay, okay. I bet you're DYING for some scrappy stuff by now. @@ LOL! Thanks for hanging in there.

This time I have some projects for you using the January Work In Progress Kit. It's bittersweet for me to post these because it is my last kit with Work In Progress. :( I will deeply miss working with Trish and all the lovely ladies there, but I also realize that I need to cut back on some of my DT obligations so I can dedicate some of that time to home and family. It was a promise I made to my kids awhile back, WIP just happened to be the first of my DT terms to come up. :(

This is also one of the reasons I'm not reapplying at Sketch This . :( (Thanks for everything, Janelle! I LOVE your sketches and will continue to play along when I can.) Janelle is holding a DT call right now, so check it out! I'm hoping this will just be for a couple of months until I can steady myself. I will continue to design for the places I have obligations to. I would NEVER leave anybody hanging. I also will never stop designing all together. Scrapping is just too much in my blood.

Anyway, on with the show. Here are my January Work In Progress projects. :)

For this layout I used Sketch #6 by Inspired Blueprints.

I'll be back soon! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Jana---I just love your blog...and wanted to share this with you. Follow the link...

    Nancy T.

  2. Your kids had me laughing all over the place. Super cute!! Keep us posted on Cam's pink face.
    Lots of awesome LO's and cards Jana!!!

  3. Love your projects. I always keep an eye out for your stuff on 2peas :)

  4. as always...LOVE your layouts!!!

  5. Oh my goodness - your kids are SO funny!!! Love your work Jana!!

  6. oh a little pink face...that is adorable! Thank goodness it didn't get all over the carpet and what not...oy! And what a good girl to get her clothes put away. i wish I had girls. :)

  7. The "Snow" layout is so beautiful!

    Jana--it must be hard for you to give up DT positions. But I admire you for doing it and devoting time to your family. DT positions will always be there to do, but the time your kids are at home will go by quickly. :)

  8. wow Jana-I LOVE the stories you are sharing about your kiddies here (they have me LOL-ing - LITERALLY) Love your scrappy projects (you have a fun DOODLE-Y thing going on here) and the 'EXTREME DUDE' card made my jaw hit the ground!
    BTW, congrats on scoring your 365 kit-I think you are one of the 'lucky' ones :)

  9. Oh goodness....I hope that the pink wears do some crazy stuff.

    Hanging panties on the hangers had me laughing...too cute!

    Great LO's as usual.

    Have a great week.

  10. oh what awesome work!!!

  11. Oh, Jana!!! I love your work, as usual, my dear!!!

  12. Great blog!!! Your kiddos keep you on your toes don't they? one hanging up underwear and one dying her face pink! lol...too funny.

    Absolutely beautiful layouts, by the way!!!


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