Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Off to Go Tree Shopping!

I was feeling very Christmas-y yesterday and decided I would pull out the artificial tree by myself, drag it upstairs and assemble it so that it would be all ready for us to decorate together as a family when they all got home from school/work that night.

Bwahahahaha! And then I realized that it NEVER happens that way! After fiddling with that tree for an hour and a half, this is what it looked like.

I got it all put together, plugged all the lights in, fluffed the branches, messed with the bulbs, and STILL could only get half of it to light up.

Kevin came home and gave me that look of "Let me have at it! I'll get it going!" Well, after an hour of that, we decided we would have to restring it.

Hahahaha! Have you ever tried to take the lights off of a factory-strung tree? What a joke! @@ Another hour passed and we only got 2 branches of a gazillion unstrung. We decided that it had served it's purpose for the last several years and it was time to give it to goodwill. Whew! I was NOT looking forward to disecting that old one! I am so glad that Kevin did some hands-on with me and made the executive decision to move on! :D

Soooo, today we will be perusing Christmas stores for a new artificial tree! I'm actually looking forward to it! :D Now, if only they came already decorated! LOL!

The December BackPorch Memories kits are up! I just received the Medley kit in the mail over the weekend and have already created a layout! :) Yummy stuff! It looks like the Medley kit is already sold out, but be sure to check out the Solo Kit featuring Basic Grey Urban Prairie (I HAD to pick that one up for myself, too!).

December Medley Kit - SOLD OUT!

December Solo Kit - $24

I did this one using the December Sketch posted at Gettin Sketchy. (Come on over and play along!)

That's it for now! :D
Talk to you again, soon!


Michon said...

Beautiful Tree!!
Amazing layout! Love your stuff!
Hope you and your family enjoy your holidays in your new house!

lauren said...

LOve your "me" layout!

Sunny said...

I had the same problems with my tree….
Love seeing all your great layouts…you are just so amazing!!!
Wishing you lots of Holiday Cheer!!

Mel said...

Too funny about your tree! Love your "Me at 33" layout. The colors are wonderful!

HID Kits said...

Beautiful tree. Amazing stuff. This is really cool.

heyhoewarren said...

That "me" layout is gorgeous Jana! I may have to lift it!! Good luck with the tree shopping...I love artificial trees too...I just can't deal with a dying tree every year.

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