Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Look what we woke up to this morning! A snow storm!!! YIPPEE! All day it's been drifting down in big, fluffy snowflakes . . . the kind that are fun to catch on your tongue! ;) I just love the way the tree branches look with a dusting of fresh powder.

I'm sorry I haven't been around for a few days. All last week I've been listening to Christmas music and decorating the house. Ahhhh! It's great to see the decorations slowly making their way out of the boxes. It has taken me a lot longer than usual to get started because I am having a hard time finding everything after the move. Also, our things haven't been fitting the same way they did in the old house, so we had to make a few adjustments. But I just love to cozy up inside the house this time of year. I am definitely getting in the Christmas spirit! :D :D :D

Here are some pictures from around the house. Technically, they aren't the greatest photos, but you get the idea. :D

Instead of putting lights along the roof line, we decided to put some prelit trees on the porch and by the garage doors. I still need to add some lighted garland around the door, but it's coming along!

Here is the inside of the door. I'm thinking I need to find some mistletoe to hang from our light fixture. :D And how do you like our mini rug? LOL! I'm still looking for the "perfect" entry rug. Haha!
I'm so excited to finally have a stair railing that I can hang holiday garland on. We put up our first batch of garland and it looked super wimpy. We decided to go buy more and double up each strand so that they looked more full. Twisting all of those together and fluffing them up took FOREVAH!!!

I also have been making bows to accent the garland. I've never made bows like this before, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Slowly, but surely I am getting them done. Eight down! Eight to go! LOL!

One of my very favorite decorations we have is this Santa "Statue". He looks like bronze, but is actually plastic. Isn't that COOL!?! We found him at Costco a few years back and I'm so glad we got him. He makes me smile everytime I look at him. :D

Remember my pathetic tree? Well, Kevin went shopping for a new one and brought home this 12-footer for me to decorate. It fills the room nicely, but you should've seen me sweating and praying for my life as I was decorating it! I about died getting that star straight on top! LOL!

Here is our mantle in our main family room. The stockings don't belong to anybody. LOL! They are just there for looks. Our family stockings are downstairs with the "kid" tree. :D

And here are our family stockings in our downstairs family room. I found the big sparkly letters at JoAnn's last year in the dollar section, and tied each child's initial onto their stocking with a red bow.
And here is the kid tree. Filled with bright lights, candy garland and all of our family ornaments that we collect every year.

Over the weekend, I pulled out the Winter Weather kit (sold out), turned on the tunes from the Noel Mignon Challenge blog, and created a couple more layouts to share with you this week.

Have a great week!
Jana :D


  1. Jana - your home is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!! And, if you feel the need for some more snow, I'll gladly send you some from up here in snowy Ontario!!! ;)

  2. I am just ill looking at your fabulous decorations! A 12 footer! Just gorgeous. And you definately have gotten the bow making down.

  3. I love seeing all your pretty decorations and the beautiful snow! I am jealous of that snow- how wonderful to have a white Christmas!

    We have stockings that don't belong to anyone either... I figure they are just for future kids for us! ;)

  4. oh, your house is amazing!!! Love those cute layouts fun!

  5. You house is gorgeous!!! Love the stairs!! Hope you have a Mery Christmas.

  6. simply gorgeous Jana! I think you're next "job" really should be in interior design! Everything's simply beautiful!

  7. your house looks beautiful! Love your new pages!!

  8. Speechless. Utterly BEAUTIFUL.

    I want to be you and live in your house. Okay, even for like a week. That's all I need. At Christmastime, with the snow and music and all your decor. Seriously.

    Holy cow--STUNNING!!!

  9. Awwwww....SNOW!!! How beautiful! Everything looks perfect Jana! Just love it all! Hope to get out there for a visit someday. :)

  10. Oh wow!! I love snow!! I'm thinking it must be really cold where you are now. :) And I LOVE your home decorations.. makes me miss having a house to decorate. :p

  11. Your house and your Christmas decoration are amazing! Beautiful, perfect, inspiring!

  12. yeah! snow! i'm from the east side of the land 'o cleve (cleveland) and i'm so used to a very white christmas (major snow belt area). for the past 17 years i've lived on the west side and we hardly have any at christmastime. ugh.
    please bring us snow santa!

  13. oh how i am wishing for snow....
    you have the decorating thing down to ascience...want to come decorate mine?
    love all your gorgeous decor

  14. jana - you house looks so totally amazing - and your winter outdoor photos are so beautiful.

  15. My goodness your home is gorgeous! I showed my mum and my sister these photos and we are completely jealous of you!!

  16. I stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did!

    You have such a beautiful home!

    I'd love to know what paint colors you used. They are all so pretty. Please share. :)

    I have the hardest time deciding on colors... as witnessed by the many times I've repainted!

  17. Oh Jana, its exactly how I would have pictured it - absolutely beautiful! I can just imagine sitting in front of the fire at night watching the Christmas lights. Your snow covered yard is gorgeous too! Just once, I'd love to experience a white Christmas...think of us when we're in the pool trying to cool off!

  18. Wow....your house looks long did that take you? Seriously! And the snow...we have very hot Christmas seasons in South Africa.

  19. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Oh my! I really enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Your home is AMAZING! That is my grown up house. In the meantime I will have to settle for the house in between *lol* Thank you for sharing your festive inspiration. Gotta love snow. We have had a sprinkling where I live but we won't be getting nearly that much any time soon.


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