Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Day and a Super Cool TOOT-Y Fruity from Me!

Yesterday we woke up late again. Really late. And everyone in the house was still asleep. Lately, we're all just dragging as a family, pushing ourselves through the daily grind . . . so . . . Kevin looked at me and said, "Let's just keep the kids home today, we all need a day off."

We slept some more, took our sweet time getting ready for the day and then told the kids to hop in the car and we were going to take them to school. They were MORTIFIED. They absolutely HATE walking in late, let alone, half-a-day late. We drove up to the school and turned around to them in the backseat and said, "PSYCH!!! We're taking you to IHOP for lunch, today is FREE DAY!" :D :D :D We spent the afternoon hanging out together and getting some Christmas shopping done. It was perfectly fun!

I know, I know. All of you responsible parents out there are probably cringing and "Tssssk, Tssssk"-ing me. But honestly it just had to be done. We all needed that little break. :D


I don't have a layout to share with you today, but I do have some fun news that I have known for quite awhile and finally get to spill! The incredibly talented Mel Blackburn invited me to be on the Design Team of her SUPER COOL New Challenge Site, Mix It Up Challenges Blog!!!!! EEEEEEeeeeeeekkkkKKKKK!!!! I am soooo excited about her concept! Here is a description straight from the site:

"There’s a reason why I’ve called it this, it’s because we are going to do exactly that, mix things up! Every week a new challenge – which will be called Mixer – will be issued. The Mixers will vary from color challenges, art inspiration, words/quotes, etc…And to mix it up even more our sketch designer will provide us with a very funky sketch to kick start our creativity, if need be. Finally, this blog will be both in French and English, again we are mixing it up!"

COOOOOOL!!! HUH?!!!! :D :D :D :D

The challenges will start after the first of the year, but right now Mel has put up a Just for Fun" challenge." Go see! Go see! :D I've had a sneak peek at the first four "Mixers" and let me tell ya . . . the scrapping challenge world is really in for a treat! WOOHOOOOOO!!!! I'm soooo excited about this one!!!

Alright, alright. I'll calm down. ;) Thanks for letting me share that bit of great news with you. :D


Finally, I have to show you some kind of goodie, so I decided to tell you about my very favorite household product. Yep!!! I LOOOOOVE this stuff. TRUST me! YOU NEED THIS STUFF! It is such a simple luxury. It smells so divine it makes me want to eat my clothes and sheets everytime I take them out of the dryer. YES. It is THAT good! LOL! Seriously, try it and tell me what you think. ;)

Lavender Vanilla Downy Softener

Christmas Hugs!


  1. That looks like a SUPER cool challenge blog, Jana! Congrats on being on team.. your stuff will be awesome, I'm sure! :)

  2. Oh I know how you feel about needing a day off!!! Thank good ness for Christmas vacation!!
    The challenge blog looks awesome!! I now have it bookmarked. Congrats on the DT spot!!

  3. You sound like an AWESOME mom. :) It's good that you guys took a day off and just refueled... that is SO important!

    Congrats on the Mix It Up team! I can't wait to see all the cool sounding challenges!

  4. you crack me up! can't wait to see what you and Michelle do at the new challenge blog! SO exciting! Love me some inspiration!

  5. Not a bad mommy at all, sounds like a wonderful day! Congrats on the challenge blog Jana:)

  6. Wow! Congrats on the Mix it Up challenge postion, you will be PERFECT for it!! =)

    I think the day off was a great idea and the kids will forever remember that. If you ask me, they learned something way more important on a special day 'gifted' to them than they would have learned at school.

    Have a great day!

  7. sounds like a great parenting decision to me! I'm sure both you and the kids are grateful for a day off too! Glad you were able to enjoy it!

  8. CONGRATS... off to check out the blog!


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