Friday, October 17, 2008

BackPorch October Projects

Phew! I am beginning to realize what a HUGE process this moving stuff is turning out to be. I still haven't taken any pictures. :( Sorry. I've been up to my elbows in boxes, dust, suds, shopping lists and sickness to care.

Camryn, Jensyn and I have all come down with foggy-sniffle stuff and the kids are out of school for a four-day weekend. I wish I had the energy to get some stuff done or take them somewhere fun and fall-ish, but we've really just been vegging and taking it easy. I think we wore ourselves out trying to get this house set up.

I am feeling a little better today and Kevin is getting all the tech-y stuff set up in my Scrap Room, That means I am feeling the urge to play with some paper! :D I NEED some scrappy time. I need to step away from boxes and making lists and just create. I'm hoping to do some of that tomorrow. :D :D :D I think the creative break will do my heart some good. :D

Kevin also set up my old computer in the kids homework space this morning, which means I finally have access to all my files and I can post my DT work for the October BackPorch Memories Medley kit. :D If ya gotta have it, it is still available! YAY! ;)

This was such a FUN kit! Of course I had to snag all the add-on goodies to go along with it, which made it extra fun to play with! Here is what I created.

Two Year Old Drama

I think I already posted this one, but I am posting it again 'cause I'm a nerd and I like to keep things in groups of the kits I create with. :) I know. I'm a dork. ;)

Hometown Tradition

We Love You, Josie!

I used Sketch This #69 for this one. LOOOOOVE Janelle's sketches! :)


Thank you for all the well-wishes with the moving stuff. I'll try and get some photos taken soon. Hmmmmm . . . where DID I put my camera? Yikes! ;)



  1. These are great Jana! can't wait to see your new home all filled up. One of these days I'll have to pack up the kids and take a trip to Utah...we'll swing by so my kids can drool all over your house. I can just hear it now...."why cant we have a movie theater"....LOL!

    You've inspired me to scrap tonight after dinner....hugs!

  2. Love love these layouts girl ,makes me miss my sub to BPM !!
    I know how the moving thing stinks, done it too many times in the past few years and still have one more time to go in another year or so , blah !!
    Take a warm bath, do some scrapping and relax so you can feel better. Cant wait to see the pics and we will catch up soon, when you get a sec you can read my latest blog post for the 411 on whats been happening over here ....sigh.... ttys :)
    JENN :)

  3. great projects Jana... I love starin at what you do! LOL :D wish i could help you with the boxes though :)

  4. Wow, it's the first time I visit your blog, but not the last. Your creations are great. The choice of the papers, the designs, I love it!


    Karin (The Netherlands)

  5. I love your layouts...I also love how you aged and distressed your page!

  6. Love your layouts, Jana!! Hope all the moving in is getting better on you--I can't imagine!!

  7. Your LO's are always TO DIE FOR!!! Seriously ROCK!!!

  8. Great pages! Your work always inspires me!!

  9. Jana - when i need inspiration i visit you (and right now i need some).......thanks for sharing your talent and love for creating!!! BTW - your home is amazing!!!!

  10. I LOVE your layouts! You are so talented! I'm just like in awe at what you have created. And I love the pics of your new home. It's gorgeous!!!!

  11. I LOVE that 2-yr old drama layout! It is so great. All of your layouts are wonderful!

  12. Above all else, you impress me with your ease of transition from multi-multi-photo layouts to single photo layouts and back and forth. Unbelievable either way, your creative genius and stunning layouts! thanks for sharing your talent with the world!


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