Friday, September 5, 2008

Noel Mignon Homeroom and Extra Credit stuff

I feel like I am the biggest enabler on my blog. I really am sooooo lucky to design for so many great kits and I want you to know that when I sing praises about them I'm not doing it just to do it. I really and truly LOVE every single kit that I work with. :D :D :D

On that note, if you snagged yourself one of Noel Mignon's latest kits (Homeroom or Extra Credit) you should all have them about now. All I can say is I TOLD YOU SO!!! Aren't they fabulous?!!! I am ADORING playing with these colors! I love how fresh and funky the blues, greens and yellow feel together, yet the black and white keeps it grounded and classic.Unfortunately the Homeroom kit is SOLD OUT, but there are a handful left of the Extra Credit kit available by CLICKING HERE

Here are a few layouts I created this week using a combination of the kits together. For this first one, everything came from the Homeroom Kit with the exception of the Cosmo Cricket green patterned paper and the blue paint from the Extra Credit Kit .

1st Day

This picture isn't officially a school photo of me, but it looks like it! LOL! This was a photo of just me from an Engagement photo session with my hubby. When I saw this photo, the first thing I thought about was that I wouldn't change a thing about the last 12 years if I had known about them beforehand. I have a Book of Me Album that is 6 X 12 and created this page to add to it.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Everything here is from the Homeroom Kit except for the Love, Elsie rubon letters from the Extra Credit kit .

Thanks for coming by!



  1. You are do you do it? So many kits and so many :)

  2. Love your new blog header! Awesome awesome layouts!!!

  3. Love both of your pages!!! I do love these kits!!!

  4. yes you are an enabler, but you pull it off beautifully;) great work girl . . . keep the inspiration coming!

  5. Your new blog header is the cutest! Love it!

  6. Hey girl, Bad Girls Top Designer sign up deadline is Sunday and her server will be down briefly tonight, i know you did it last year, and im SURE you would rock it this year, come on over and sign up !!



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