Monday, August 25, 2008

September Work In Progress Kits

I have a Sneak Peek layout for you today using one of these gorgeous kits! :D :D :D

But first, let me show you all of them! Get your checkbooks ready! ;)
CLICK HERE to pick some of these up for yourself!

September Main Kit - $32 (SOLD OUT) :(

September Add On Kit - $26

September Project Kit - $30

Photo Card Kit - $20

I told you there would be a lot to look at! :D Doesn't it make you want to send the kids off to school and SCRAP! Hehehehe!

My sneak peek layout is all about a little collection of these:

Without knowing it I started a collection of milkglass pieces when I bought this very first one on a whim. I just fell in love with the scallops (the scrappy part of me loved that right away) and the overall shape! Before I knew it I was picking up more pieces of it to store odds-and-end in around my scrap room. I don't know if any of it is valuable, but it is to me! I think they are pretty and they make me happy! That's all that counts, right?

Do you have a collection you could scrap a page about?

Happy Monday!



  1. I am sooooooooooo dang jealous. I had a pedestal bowl JUST LIKE THIS. Kept it on the kitchen counter full of kiwis all the time. One day - splat - it was dropped and it broke in a gazillion pieces. Sad heart! Be careful with yours!

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  3. Love the collection, they look like some great pieces for scrappy goodness.


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