Thursday, July 10, 2008

I want a fish!

So before we had a dog, we had fish. And they were boring to my kids.
Now we have a dog, and my son wants a fish . . . go figure.

I said to him, remember how you were excited about the fish for a couple of days, and then you didn't like them anymore, because you couldn't do anything with them? . . . Why don't you go take Kiki for a walk and play with her?

So . . . my 6 yr. old son, gets on the internet. Comes and finds me and says . . . "Mom, watch this!"

And this is what he shows me!

Hmmmmm. I guess I should watch what I say! He is now saving his money for a fish, an aquarium and the R2 Fish School

Just had to share! LOL!
See ya!


  1. LOL!! Aren't kids incredibly clever!?

  2. OMG, that is absolutely hilarious! At first I thought it was an SNL skit. I wonder how long it takes to teach a goldfish to sink a basket? LOL.

  3. Ah hahahahaha~! That is so stinkin' funny!

  4. LOL! Too Funny!! What will they think of next?

  5. I am not letting my kids watch this or it will be non stop whining for the next 2 weeks about a fish, but that is pretty funny!

  6. My daughter has been begging us for a dog, and I can't wait to show this to may distract her enough...LOL! Too funny!

  7. LOL! Too funny!

    My boys came home from a trip to the fair with their cousins this weekend with 3 fish. Gotta love that.

    I am not showing them this video.


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