Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scrap Rooms and House Update

This post is all about houses . . . not really scrapping related . . . so I apologize ahead of time if that completely bores you. LOL!

Saturday, my hubby and I went to a Parade of Homes a few counties away from us. I took a few pictures of some scrap rooms just for you! Enjoy!

This one was crazy-cool! Black and white and elegant! It was located in a loft that had windows on both sides of the room and looked down over a family room through french doors. Really cool! Check out those cabinets! I wish I had taken my good camera with me to do this room justice, it was really pretty! My favorite part were the cabinets with glass doors. One of them had staggered dowel rods for wrapping paper. Of course, I would add bolts and bolts of ribbons. Wouldn't that be fun?!!!

This second one was right off the kitchen open to the rest of the house. I love the window seat just beckoning someone to come and chit-chat with you while you work. So fun!


Today we had a big Open House for realtors. Which means the past few days I couldn't do any scrapping. :( Monday we had our carpets shampooed to get ready for it and then yesterday was cleaning the house top to bottom. On top of that, I had to keep the four kids from messing it up until the Open House was over. LOL! I'm glad we can be "normal" again and just eat and run around like we normally do.

Our realtor is doing such a great job! It's nice to let someone else worry about it for you. :) She sent a photographer to our house a couple of weeks ago for a home photo shoot. I've never seen my house look so good! Seriously, I don't think I've even had that many pictures taken of ME?! LOL! Here's the online tour with all the pictures, so you can see for yourself!

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that our house will sell soon! ;)


My friend, Jenn, asked me to update what is going on with the new house. The brick is done and now the soffit is being installed. After that, the rock will go on the sections that are still plain. WOOHOOOO! Slowly but surely, it's beginning to look like a liveable home!

I included a few more pictures of the backyard so you can see the forest area (that's what made me fall in love with this lot!). On the other side of our house is a reservoir. It's actually quite peaceful feeling, but I think we need to cover up that barbed wire fence somehow. Maybe bushes, maybe another fence . . . we haven't decided yet.

Inside, the tile in all the bathrooms was finished. I don't know if you remember, but while we were on vacation in April the first tile people we had did such a cruddy job that we had to rip it all out and start over. It was sad to put so much tile to waste, but I am sooooo glad we did. The second group we hired did an impeccable job and I couldn't be happier!!!

Trim is done in the basement and almost complete on the main level. Painter's have actually started working in the basement, so that's fun to see colors starting to go up!

Master Bedroom
Living/Dining Room Arch Trim
Looking towards front door from the kitchen nook
Looking towards the Great room from the Kitchen
Owen's Bedroom Trimwork
Jensyn's Bedroom Trimwork
Looking towards hallway from Basement Family Room


Well, thanks for putting up with so much "house" stuff! LOL! I'm excited to do some scrapping tonight, and hopefully I'll have some new projects to show you soon!


  1. Looks like it's going to be fantastic! Jacob (6) was looking at your old homes photos with me and said "wow, it's so clean and fresh"! LOL! Seriously, both homes are gorg!

  2. Holy cow...BOTH of your homes (old and new) are absolutely gorgeous. Amazing!! I love that you have tvs everywhere - esp. by the bathtub - so fun!!! :o)

    And thanks for sharing the scraproom photos too - how awesome are they?!?

  3. your new house looks like it is going to be fantastic!! love the pics of those other scrap rooms too - oh how I wish we had room for a scrap room! :)

  4. WOW that's gorgeous! I can't wait to see the paint colors.

    I think it's hilarious that you got to preview homes that had scraprooms in them... you definitely wouldn't have that in Alabama! (Although you would have "Alabama/Auburn" rooms... hehehe)

  5. You know I love this kind of stuff, so I'm eating up your plans, thoughts, and ideas! LOVE watching the "Jana show" just like it's a "Flip this house" show or something. I can't wait to see what you do with the trims in the kids' rooms! That's such a cool effect! And like V, I can't wait to see paint colors! Thanks for the update!

  6. Your new house is going to be beautiful. I work in construction, so I'm fascinated with this stuff. I love the arches.

  7. Droooooling over the first SB room! Your house looks beautiful, how exciting! Praying for the sale of your home!

  8. I just went to look at the home you are selling.... uhhhh.... tell us again why you would want to move? To be more in the country, was THAT it, lol!

  9. Yeah, you totally have room for me to live there too ;)

  10.'s HUGE!!! Looks fantastic...congrats to you!!

  11. Yea I wanna come live with you! Your house is beautiful. I can't wait to see it all done

  12. Those are some awesome scrappy rooms - love the first one!

    Also LOVE your new house - it is going to be stunning!!!

  13. Love the house pics Jana! It will be done before you know it!!

  14. Jana, your house looks amazing!!! That scrapbooking room is to die for!!! If I had one like that I would never want to leave it! LOL!!

  15. Awesome Jana ! Thanks for sharing, i cant wait to see it all done. That tile work is beautiful ! Your house is huge with that basement ! Looks like 9000 square feet ! LOL .....
    And wow, that black and white scrap room is something, huh !?!?! I share a utility room as mine , ROFL ! Looks like you have room for me and Morgan both :)
    Hope you and Kevin had a great dad's day :)
    TTYS :)

  16. WOW girl...both houses are gorgeous....good luck selling....

  17. Jana, i'm totally in love with your old house. my guess is i'm totally gonna love your new house, i can't wait to see it finished. love all your new layouts!

  18. You're new house is looking great!! Can't wait to see the finished scraproom!!


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