Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reluctantly Home

We had a gorgeous time up in the Uintah Mountains. It felt wonderful to get away to some peace and quiet and just be together as a family. Life is so busy lately with building the house, that this was a much-needed getaway, a chance to reconnect with each other. The kids actually cried when it was time to come home. (I almost did, too! It's too much fun to be at the cabin!) :) How sweet is that!

We were lucky enough to see some wildlife up close and personal. These two moose were literally 20 ft. away from the cabin patio. One was a little bit bigger than the other one, but didn't seem big enough to be the mom. I've seen a mom once before and I remember being terrified of her, she was so large and protective. This one didn't seem to care much about staying close to the smaller one, so I'm thinking they were both "toddlers." They grazed in the woods for almost 10 minutes before my kids startled them. It's always fun to watch such amazing creatures!

Apparently, you can't take a nature walk with out your Nintendo DS. Hmmmmm. Who knew?
Now Maryn had the right idea! Collecting pine cones and sticks . . . now THAT is what I'm talking about! ;) Alright, I have to give Owen credit . . . his main goal of this vacation was to find the perfect hiking stick. He was quite proud of this find. :)
Jensyn is at an age where she won't let me get a "normal" picture of her. It's either a mopey face or a goofy one. LOL!
I know it's hard to tell from the pictures I get of her, but Camryn actually does smile in real life. She's just not too fond of me taking pictures of her and puts on the "indifferent" act whenever I point her way.
Mmmmmmmm! I LOVE the smell of campfires!

In honor of my little getaway, how about a layout using the Noel Mignon Getaway Kit? (How's that for a segue? LOL! I know these kits are disappearing quickly, so if you are on the fence about one, I'd act fast.) I did this one for Sketch This #55.

I'll be back tomorrow with more layouts! See you then!


  1. So glad to hear you had a good time! Your LO is awesome!!! I just love the Getaway kit!!! (I had to laugh at the Nintendo DS picture.....that would totally be my son!)

  2. So glad you are back and had a great time ! That is how i feel about Nikolas. I feel like it is so hard to get a decent photo of him these days , its the random ones where hes not smiling that come out best now just cuz the face is so goofy when he is trying to. And then theres Michael who is nonverbal and i just seem to get the BEST random shots of him ! LOL .... Now that i babbled, i love how you put that one center photo just slightly askew , you rocked Noels kit as usual ! How could you not, they are so yummy ! YOu know im a fan, of both of you :) i will get around to emailing ya soon, promise ! Dont know where these couple months have gone, geesh ! Well glad you are back !

  3. Great photos Jana! Looks like you had a great time together! Awesome page!

  4. Your getaway looks so fabulous. I felt peaceful just looking at the photos.
    Your LO is amazing as always:)

  5. ahhh your camryn is my melana....but they are so stinking cute!!

    glad you had fun and i am loving that getaway kit....can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for it


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