Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beginning of Summer

I am so stinkin' proud of myself! I figured out how to make my blog have three columns AND I changed the background! WooHOOO! Yes, I must celebrate the little victories! LOL! I am pretty computer-challenged sometimes, so this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. :) I think I may still play around with my header when I get some more time . . . and I still need to add links to my sidebars . . . but Hey! It takes time to get everything just how you want it, right?


The kids last day of school was Friday, which means today was the first weekday with EVERYONE at home again. I don't know why, but it seems to always take me about a week to adjust to summer. I love not having to be anywhere, but at the same time, I lose my midday scrapping time, and that takes a little mourning on my part. (Oh, brother, Jana!)

By noon my kids were SOOOO BORED! What?!?! My new Noel Mignon order just arrived, including the super CHUBBY, DELICIOUS COTTON CANDY KIT! (Seriously, I think I'm gonna have a photo shoot of my own with all the delicious goodness in there! YUUUUUMMMMMMY!) And there was no way they were going to let me start playing with it. (DANG!) Well, that meant I had to entertain my little chickadees for the rest of the day.

We decided to go have a picnic over at the lot. That way we could see dad for a little while. Luckily, we were able to coax him away from the house project for some shopping and a stop at "Castle Park" a few towns away. This is my kids FAVORITE PARK. (You can probably see why by the photos!) So fun!

A little upset that we wouldn't let her walk around the forest without her shoes on.

They proclaimed they were tired after such a fun-filled day, but man, they sure didn't act it! They didn't get to bed until 10:30 p.m. Hmmmm. That means I'll have to hit my new kit tomorrow. Aw, shucks! It's worth it. We had so much fun together, and that is what Summer is really about!


For lots of summertime inspiration check out the latest challenge at Noel Mignon Challenge Blog. The winner of this one will be July's Guest Designer. If you don't have time to participate in a challenge you atleast have to go over and check out the music! Noel puts together the best playlists . . . great for scrapping to! ;) Seriously! :D :D :D

Here's one from me using the Madeline Kit. The Making Memories scallop paper is from the Hopscotch Kit.


  1. Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.
    my website

  2. Looks like a great day! Minus the snake...YIKES!

  3. redcorating the blog is definitly a time sucker....love it though...

    and castle park...are you kidding me....i would like to hang out there..

    love love love that pic of the little one crying...i see that on a layout in the near future!!

    and that cooton candy kit is YUM-MAY!!!!

  4. Love the colors on your LO. You always inspire me Jana!

  5. Hey we have a castle park too, lol ..... Great pics of the kiddos and the hubs , looks like you had a great day :) Snake ?@!?!? Yikes !! And i LOVE your new blog, im on the waiting list to have some lady design mine and make it look pretty cuz i would never be able to figure that out :( Your header rocks !
    TTYS ! We must catch up, i feel like the past 2 months have been a blurr consumed by my teeth !
    LOL ...
    Jenn :)


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