Sunday, May 4, 2008


Happy Belated National Scrapbooking Day! So did you get any scrapping in? Did you splurge on some new goodies? I actually worked in my yard all day, but I did manage to sneak in a shopping trip! LOL!

I treated myself to some Martha Stewart punches, some more Making Memories jars for my scrapping supplies, and this . . . my splurge item! I walked through the Watercolor section to run my girls to the restroom and this palette of German watercolors called my name! :) I just had to get them!

We've had a gorgeous weekend here! Infact it was nice enough that I thought I'd snap some shots of the new house. YEP! We have brick!!! WOOHOO! The bricklayers are doing a fantastic job! We lamented over which brick to choose, so it's a relief to see it go up and still LOVE it! :)
Here's a shot of the side of the house . . . you can see the texture of it a little better in this photo. Love it, love it, love it!
Now that it's been warm for a week or so, the mud has dried up and I was able to venture out back to take some shots of the backyard to show you. This is a shot of the left side walking towards the back. Our backyard goes uphill and so we had rockwork put in to make two different levels going up in hopes of utilizing that hill a little better. Maryn is standing on the first level in this picture. There is another level above that. We'll put a trampoline on one and probably a swingset/sandbox/garden on the other.

Here's looking across the back of the house towards the forest/creek.

Camryn is in that stage where she will NEVER look at the camera because she is just too busy exploring everything. I was lucky to catch this shot. :)
Here's Maryn doing a typical pose. :) I think she's my most photographed kid these days! Mainly, because she's so willing to stop for me! LOL! I guess I've worn out my welcome with everyone else!
In other news, . . . Owen is very proud to announce that he has FINALLY lost his first tooth!
Can you tell he's quite happy about it! LOL! (He hates this picture and he's going to be mad at me that I put it on here.)
Here he is doing a "happy dance" in the hall holding our tooth fairy bunny pillow! LOL!
And here's a random picture of Jensyn (with blue sucker lips) . . . just because! :)
Finally, a little scrappy picture for you. My latest layout using Noel Mignon's Tree House kit (only 4 left -- Noel is having free shipping this weekend, go pick it up along with some more National Scrapbooking Day treats for yourself!). Thanks for stopping by!
See ya!


  1. Your house looks amazing and I love that brick! Gorgeous lo as always! :)

  2. OMG that house is amazing - everything looks beautiful! another great layout too!

  3. oh wow....move in day is quickly approaching....waahoo!!

    LOVE this LO so much!! Just adorable!

  4. Your house is amazing ! Where will my room be ?! LOL .....
    Love the layout ! Great job as usual, you have that knack for the embellies ! I LOVE watercolors, i have the whole set of Stampin Up's watercolor "crayons" , awesome color for stamping !
    ok, ttys ! Must go update my blog !
    Hugs !

  5. Ok girl ! I went back to my old template for now so everyone can see my blog till i figure out a better way to make it pretty ! LOL ..... i cant find your post on willows, what was it under ?
    I will email you soon too !!
    JENN :)


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