Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What a Beauty!

Okay! I've had the beautiful Noel Mignon kit in my hands for the last couple of days and I COULDN'T WAIT for her to put it up on her site so I could tell you all about it! Check it out! And it has the cutest name, the Tree House Kit! This thing is gorgeous! And let me tell you, it is PACKED FULL of all kinds of goodies! YAY! Just what we scrapbookers LOVE, right!?! :)

So if you want to see more pictures of this beauty CLICK HERE.

I can't wait to get designing with this kit!


I think I mentioned in a previous post that I am the Visiting Therapist (Guest Design Team member) for this month at I Am A Scrapaholic. This month is their birthday celebration and they are giving away goodies in their forum left-and-right! It is quite the party! I would LOVE to see some of you, my friends, win some of those prizes! Come on over and play before the month is over! ;)

Lynn is the sweetest and sent me over a bunch of goodies to create with. I had soooo much fun with this color combination and wanted to share with you the projects I created!

This is my sister, Leslee, with her firstborn (photos by Gallery Photography). I laugh every time I see that picture of the two of them looking up, because Ray actually gave her a little "shower" during that shot! LOL!

When Kevin and I visited Anguilla in January, the first thing we noticed about the island were all the goats! They were everywhere! LOL! People obviously kept them as livestock, but there were also 100's just roaming around. We'd wake up in the morning to the bleating of goats. How romantic, eh? LOL!

Hmmmm. Don't know why this one is showing up smaller, it just is . . . Anyways . . . These fun papers and colors were the perfect compliment to my St. Patrick's Day photos. Too bad I never got a shot with all of us wearing green! Oh, well! The kit came with a green Galaxy Marker. Oh my goodness! Have you played with one of these yet?! Totally got me in a doodling mood! I pulled out my old lettering templates from the old days and created my title. So fun!
As you may have guessed, and already seen from other layouts, Maryn is my little camera hog. She LOVES the camera and automatically strikes several poses. I promise! I DON'T ask her to do this! She is just such a ham!

This last project is the mini book that comes in the Therapy kit. WOW! This was SO MUCH FUN to put together! :) I love that I could treat the clear bag the album went in as my "cover". Isn't it cute how my little smiling face peeks through?! LOL!

The idea for this album comes from a yearly page I make about the members of our family. Each year I place a headshot along with answers to the same questions, and the year. It's really fun to see how the answers change from year-to-year and I thought it would be fun to make it into a mini-album that we could leave out on our end table.

I have more to go on about, but I think I'll leave that for a post for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by! I know my posts have been sporadic lately, but I still appreciate everyone who comes by and leaves me such sweet comments. It means so much to me and always makes me feel happy. THANK YOU! Mmmmmmmwah!


  1. Oh wow...that family album project is just perfect!

  2. DItto what noel said...that is awesome!!!
    Your scrappies are to die for woman!!! Love that new kit...i have to get that one too....

  3. crap...that was me above...i can't decide who i want to be

  4. I love it all! I keep thinking the paper is is so pretty. I don't know how you do it! XO

  5. Oo wow your style is soooo inspiring!!
    That kit looks delicious... you're certainly a temptress! LOL

    Umm LMAO! The goats.. totally crack me up!! We went to Wales as part of our honeymoon and sheep were EVERYWHERE!LOL!!

  6. your family album is adorable!! i love it!


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