Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stacks, House and New Pets

My husband hates it, but it's part of who I am . . . I'm a stacker. I have to leave little piles of things everywhere so I remember to deal with them, or as a clue to remember to do something. Drives Kevin crazy. Heh, heh, heh! BUT! I NEVER used to stack my layouts. Sadly, I started doing it and slowly this is what it built up to. Over the last few weeks I've been organizing and getting these into books. 4 albums later, and I am almost there. Just need to go buy me another binder and some more page protectors. :)

I haven't posted about the house for awhile, so I thought I'd show you some pictures. Here's the front door all finished and installed. I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

The outside hasn't changed much, but then it has! The rockwork is FINALLY finished. I'm going to miss Chris the rock guy! LOL! He's been there for six months and has almost become a part of the house! ;) I'll have to show you more detailed of the rockin' backyard he made for us when I remember to get more pictures.

It's been so muddy out there, that we kind have been avoiding it. See the wood plank "bridge" leading up to the garage? That's what you want to stay on if you don't want to lose your shoe in 6" of slimy mud. LOL!

The brick was supposed to start this week, but it was too muddy to deliver the brick around the house. It will be there in a week, after the weather cooperates and the lot dries out a bit.

The kids don't seem to mind the dirt. Too bad mom does, huh? It actually wasn't too bad today, so I let Owen play around in the pile out front for a bit. He was quite happy about that and didn't want to leave.

The inside is coming along . . . hardwood floors are in, tile floors done, shower surrounds in process, interior doors are being hung, and trimwork is in process. It's coming! Slowly, but surely! YIPPEE!

I took these pictures last month, but I thought I would show them to you anyway. These are my new pets I'll have once we move to our new house! Yep. There's a herd of deer on our lot. About 15 of them. I LOVE deer and I think they're so beautiful and such peaceful creatures, but I have a feeling I won't love them as much once they start eating everything I plant in my yard. LOL!
I just hope they are the meanest animal we see there. With a creek on one side of the house and a water reservoir on the other I'm afraid of what other "pets" will come to have a drink!

I made this card last summer, but I had to leave you with something scrappy. :) This particular day I was in the mood to pull out the old Making Memories wires and went to town. It's not the greatest card, but it was fun to play with those dusty wires again! :)

I should have a couple of new things finished for you to see tomorrow! See you then!


  1. OH......MY......GOD....... SOOOOO funny, i need to show my husband your blog when he gets home, do you want to know what the NUMBER ONE thing he complains about me is ?????? Do ya ????? IM A PILE STACKER !!!!! lol ..... I TOTALLY do the exact same thing , and they have to stay in the separate stacks because i have them stacked and sorted in different piles for different things . I just thought it was so funny that someone else does it too !
    Your house looks amazing, and that front door wound up coming out awesome !! I cant wait to see it when its all done. Oh i dont like mud much either , but it wont be mud forever ! LOL .... Hope you have a good time on your trip and take lots of photos . Yes tell Kevin its the ONLY scrappy thing your brought so he should consider that lucky, LOL !!!!
    That card is so cute ! I love that idea with the ribbons, into the memory bank .
    Talk to you when you get back !
    JENN :)

  2. You are so funny--the only thing I stack piles of is layouts! Otherwise, my dh is a stacker, and it drives me nuts. He has 3 sheets of paper and calls it a stack--LOL! All lined up neatly and all...
    Your house looks absolutely INCREDIBLE and I think the guest room will be booked solid. I'm not sure I'd ever leave!
    I have no idea how you do it all...really!

  3. oh what a beautiful house!!!! I just wish I had one like this!!

  4. I'm a piler too Jana!! Too funny! You should see my desk...OY!
    Love the house so far. Great piles of dirt for the kids to track into the house... hehehehe!
    Love the use of wire on your card.
    Deer.... beautiful!

  5. Yikes! I have a big pile too.... I need to get on that soon!

    Your house is beautiful...and it's not even finished! I bet you cannot wait to get everything finished and moved in!!

  6. I don't usually scraplift unless it's for Scrapjacked but I'm going to HAVE to scraplift that card! OMG! It's so cool! I'm not a card person but that card is making me change my mind. I have that paper! Ha, I won't post it though.... Anyway, thanks for the awesome idea! Someone in my family will get the card and love it.

    Your work is wonderful!

  7. Okay, so I don't have that paper but I do have 'Grafton' by Scenic Route and that will work.....

    Thanks again!


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