Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Tradition

Thanks for sharing your traditions, Danielle! I LOVE the idea of a Valentine basket, and one of these years (when we're not sick) I want to invite all the neighborhood kids over for a good ol' fashioned Valentine-Making Party complete with lace doilies, lots of ribbon, pink & red paper, shiny red heart stickers, sugar cookies, and sprinkles!

Alright, I promised to tell you our Valentine tradition today. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to go along with it, so here is a little something to look at that's Valentine-y. This is a card I made with Adornit products a few months back. Everything is by Adornit except for the white cardstock base. I love the way the scallop stamps nest together to create a layered look. I also really LOVE their huge-y paperclips and thought it would be really fun to hang some dangly tags on it for a card.
Okay, so our Valentine tradition actually was invented by my dad. When Jensyn was a toddler he wanted her to have the Valentine experience, but she wasn't in school yet. Soooo, he made her something like 20 valentines and one-by-one rang our doorbell and ran away. He signed them from him, from Grandma, from uncles and aunts, cousins and friends. He even signed some of them from her favorite TV and Movie characters.

Soooo, that's what we do every Valentine's day. I have a stash of as many different kinds of Valentines as I can find. My friends even give me their leftovers to add to the variety. After school on Valentine's Day one-by-one my husband or I will sneak out of the house, run around front, leave Valentine's on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run. My kids STILL don't know it's us. LOL! They think they are just super popular on Valentine's Day. :) I LOVE IT! And yep, my dad still comes and does his fair share of doorbell ringing. It's a really fun night! :)

Now a few layouts for ya! I've been scanning the challenge blogs lately and these two layouts were ones I did for two separate sites.

This one I did for A BRAND NEW challenge site that gives you a sketch, a color palette, and a picture of a decorated interior as inspiration. Interior design is my second passion, so this challenge is right up my ally. :) Come and play! I'll be hanging out there often, I'm sure.

This one is for the site I'm working on a few pages for my nieces album, so that is the journaling is blank. TFL! Jana :)


  1. Gorgeous pages Jana! Don't ya just lovin' looking for new challenges and inspiration!!!! TFS!!!

  2. that is such a fun tradition! i love it! :-)

  3. Beautiful pages!
    I love that tradition - very sweet!
    Have a super day!

  4. what a fun tradition! Love those pages!

  5. LOVE these ! And she is totally going to love the album you are working on for her, what a lucky girl ! These layouts are awesome girlfriend ! You have been busy like me ! lol .... Talk to you soon ! What a great tradition, i need more of that kind of stuff !

  6. That is hilarious Jana! Love it!! Awesome pages!


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