Monday, February 18, 2008

Morgan You Inspired Me! Introducing the Jana Font!

Okay, Morgan is such a sweet online friend of mine and she is always complimenting my handwriting. Every time she does, it reminds me that I have always wanted to have my handwriting made into a font to make it easier for journaling on my pages. You see I have a REALLY hard time writing smaller than what you see, and there are times I want to include a LOT of information, but want to still use my handwriting for sentimental reasons. (I used to LOVE when my mom wrote on things!)

Sooooooo . . . I searched the web and found a site that makes your handwriting into a font for $9!!! Isn't that awesome!

It was so EASY! It literally took me 30 minutes or less. And that includes the 7 times I wrote the alphabet on the template to make sure I had it "perfect". If you decide to do it, I would suggest you read the "Help" section before scanning in the template. It lets you preview your font before you buy it, but I was clueless that I had flaws and bought it the first time. Then I had to redo it after reading the help section. *blush, blush* (That's so me! Oh, well.) Another thing, it isn't a super clear and crisp font. It starts looking raggedy when you go higher than a 24 pt. size. But, hey, I don't think I'll ever WANT to use it for anything that large.


I don't have a scrappy picture for you this time around, BUT if you would like my True Type handwriting font called JanaHand I will email it to you! For FREE! Just drop me a note at and I'll send it right back to you. No, this is not an ego thing. I was just pretty excited about it, so I thought I'd share it with my cyber friends who might like it! :) (Morgan and Jenn you'll be my first emails! ;) )


  1. wow...that is totally cool! You do have very nice handwriting. I need it! :)

  2. Jana! I soooo need your handwritten font girl! Please send! ;)
    I need to go check out that sight!

  3. so cool...I am sending you an stuff.

  4. this is sooooo cool! :) I LOVE your handwriting!! I will definitely be sending you an email!

  5. OOOO, I would love to get your handwriting font. How cool is this! I need to go check this site out for sure! Thanks for sharing the info :D


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