Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inspiration Journal Challenge

This month at BackPorch Memories I am in charge of one of the Monthly Challenges. I'd LOVE to see you play along! If you decide to join in, upload your layout to the appropriate folder in the BackPorch Memories Gallery. Here's my challenge:


So how many of you keep an Inspiration Journal? I do, but I don't utilize it nearly as often as I should. My challenge for you this month is to use this page from my Inspiration Journal to create a layout.

You must use 3 items from the page in some way, whether it be color, pattern, shape, . . . whatever! I can't wait to see how you interpret these pictures! When you upload your submission to the gallery, be sure to describe in the comment box the way you were inspired by each of the three items you chose. A sample from me is included below! Have fun!

Jana's Inspiration Journal Page
Sample Layout:
The three items I used as inspiration are . . . 1) The painted #8 to make a circle border down the left side of my layout 2) The diamonds from the purse 3) The knots from the mattress spring photo


And here is a Sneak Peek layout from the upcoming February BackPorch Memories Kit.

Over the Christmas Break Owen used some money he received for Christmas to buy a Tent set from Target. For the rest of the break, Jensyn camped over in his room. It cracked me up to see how she had everything set up inside. She even had a sign that said, "Do Not Disturb. Thank You!" These are the kinds of memories we'll cherish as they get older.

Did you notice that AWESOME texture stamp included in the February Add-On stamps? They're still available . . . run and snatch one! Quick! ;)


  1. These layouts are RAWKIN!!! I love the last one Camp Over, great textures!

  2. what a great challenge! And love that stamp too cool!

  3. GREAT layout! Wonderful challenge.


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