Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008! We spent the night chilling out. We watched a bunch of TV and Kevin ended up falling asleep. Jensyn, Owen, and Maryn tried sooooo hard to stay up until midnight. I scrapped and then Jensyn and I rang in the New Year together watching fireworks from our deck (a bunch of people around us go crazy) and banging pots and pans. I wonder what it says about my coming year that I gave my daughter the first kiss of the year instead of Kevin? LOL!

I was all ready to tackle my New Year's resolutions headstrong and all committed like . . . And then I passed a bowl of M&M's sitting on the counter in the kitchen. LOL! (Note to self: Put away the M&M's)Seriously! What is it with chocolate and me! I guess I'll start tomorrow.

Kevin and I are going on a tropical vacation to Anguilla (in the Caribbean) in a couple of weeks with my brother-in-law and his wife, so I'm trying to be really good. Sort of like a last ditch effort before I have to step into a swimsuit. Where do you buy swimsuits this time of year, anyway? I guess I better go do some serious googling! :) I better hit the spray-tan booth as well!

It should be fun! My parents are so sweet and are coming to stay with the four kids while we are away. It's going to be weird not to be a mom for 10 days, but I think it will be refreshing and make me a better parent when I get back. I always miss them like crazy. At the same time, it's so fun to be with Kevin alone again! WooHOO! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Some of you have commented on my new picture at the top of this page. My "hot" new picture was actually taken by my 9-yr.-old daughter. LOL! She was messing around with my camera from almost 6 yards away and zoomed up really close on my face. She did a pretty good job! And I had her take a few more so I can have a "seasonal" avatar for message boards. (I still need to go around to my boards and change it over.)
Normally, when I'm getting a picture for uploading I'll take it into photoshop and sharpen it up a bit to make it a little crisper. Wellllll, when I sharpened this one I practically FELL OVER when I saw all the WRINKLES around my eyes! Not to mention the parantheses surrounding my mouth! WHAT?!!!! Undo. Yeah. We'll leave that one a bit blurry. ;)

It's the beginning of the month and that means I can share with you the projects I did with the January Sugardumplin kit!

I could see Owen and his friend outside playing in the snow from my office. I thought, "Oh, cute! I'll go get some pictures of them!" When I came around the corner, there they were knocking over Jensyn's snowman that she had finished not 10 minutes earlier. Those STINKERS! See their evil grins! Of course, I took pictures of them anyway and then made them fix Jensyn's snowman.
The past few years Utah's winters have been very mild. Of course, the year we are building a house and we DON'T want it to snow, It does. Oh, well! Pretty ironic, I guess. I had to commemorate all of Kevin's hardwork shovelling snow out of the house and vacuuming up water from the basement with these pictures and layout. He's such a patient guy!

A snow man can have ice cream, right? :)

This was just a fun door-hanger I made. It looks a little crooked in the photo because one of them was twisted slightly, but it actually hangs straight. I think it would be fun to make these for kids birthday parties!

Alright, now that I've talked your ear off, I'm stopping for the day. The kids will be home from school soon, and then life will take over.

See you soon!


  1. Is a snow man eating ice cream like a cow eating a hamburger? It seems un-natural....maybe its just me LOL!

  2. Awesome layouts! Love the snowman wrecker one!

    If you're going to Anguilla be sure to take a day trip to St. Maarten! You can see the island, it's so close and the culture is unreal, I vote for the French side rather than the Dutch. PM me if you want any tips!

  3. love all your projects - especially the snowman with an ice-cream :) Your trip sounds so exciting!

  4. Wow girl , that is so cool that you and Kevin are going away !!!! Have a wonderful time, but we will miss you of course while you are gone :( My new years is always quiet and relaxed at home too , our one friends come over and we chow and watch Dick Clark, lol .... I totally love your SD creations as usual ! Look forward to another year of fun and friendship :) HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  5. ohhhhh, your projects are WONDERFUL!

    I am fairly new to the blogging world and I recently asked my readers to recommend a blog that I can check out. Many of them listed friend's and others chose blogs that inspires them and your blog was put forward. I would like to invite you to come visit my blog, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a sweet RAK. I am so glad that I was informed about your blog. Hope you will come play :) Kim Hughes

  6. WOW, love all your work Jana! My favorite's gotta be the snowman layout!


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